Wasp spray for self-defense?


It’s that time of year again - spring is trying desperately to poke through the grey of late winter and the dreaded bugs are coming back. A piece of advice I see online far too often around this time of year is to have hornet or wasp spray in your car/home for self-defense.

If you are in your yard, spraying a hornet nest and are attacked and have no other way to defend yourself from imminent death or grave bodily, I would say use the hornet spray (IMO). However, to have that as a backup wherever you go is not a good idea. That’s what those handy-dandy pepper spray/gel containers are for.


What are your thoughts on this? (Please feel free to share links with supporting info!)


My wife drives a taxi around town and actually had a police officer tell her that wasp spray is the 2nd best next to pepper spray if that’s all you can afford since it’s way cheaper. She has pepper spray as well as her Ruger, but thought it was strange that a officer told her that insect spray would work in self defense.


That doesn’t surprise me, @Damon. I hear it from so many people.

Will you be prosecuted for using wasp spray for self-defense when you’re in imminent danger of death or grave bodily harm? That depends on the prosecuting attorney. But I’m not willing to find out (unless I am using it to get rid of wasps and am attacked in my yard). I’d much rather have the pepper spray on me legally than risk it using wasp spray.

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The stuff doesn’t sting your eyes that badly. I used to apply pesticides for a living and had a cloud get blown into my face. I would just use OC spray. All the dudes on cops seem to hit the ground after that stuff hits them.


This myth needs to die a horrible, violent death. I’ve had this stuff blow back in my eyes, guess what? It burnt but i could function really well.

You’re better off using the can as a club for petes sake. Seriously go youtube wasp spray vs pepper spray right now. No, really.


Here I will save people the trouble of searching…