Virginia may be ground zero!

Well, it now looks like the whole country has become ground zero.
Keep your powder dry, fellow patriots!!


Roger that sir. You too.


More propaganda.

Delegate Simon’s Gun Ban would outlaw every single 80% finished or unfinished lower, turning tens of thousands of Virginians into felons overnight.
It is vital that you call today to stop Simon’s Gun Ban!
The Bill is sitting in the Firearms sub-committee in the House.
It is vital that you call the following State Delegates and tell them to vote NO on HB2276, no matter how it is amended.

  • Delegate Coyner- 804-698-1062
  • Delegate Jenkins- 804-698-1076
  • Delegate Price- 804-698-1095
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There should be NO GUN CONTROL. Period.

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Get involved in the election process. Volunteers needed to review new voter registration rolls, changed voter status, going to election board meetings, becoming an election officer, becoming an observer during the election and the after election canvassing. Contact your local Republican Committee

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Closing this thread as a new set of laws is being proposed.

For discussion on the new laws being proposed in VA, please visit: Stopping the anti-gun laws in Virginia