Virginia - Gov. Northam calls a special session of the legislature for "common sense public safety laws"

Article links from Virginia Gazette (free), Patch (free) or from the WashingtonPost (semi-paywall) at the bottom.

I plan on messaging my representatives that I dont want any of this legislation to pass, but right after a tragedy I’m always a bit nervous.

As a result of the whacko who shot up the Virginia Beach Municipal Center and murdered 12 people…
Gov. Ralph Northam said that he will call a special session of the Virginia legislature in late June. His goal is to enact what he called “common sense public safety laws” this summer.

He will be trying to get the following passed (none of these would have stopped the VA Beach shooting in any way):

  • Universal background checks for gun buyers
  • Ban high-capacity magazines, suppressors, bump stocks and assault weapons
  • Limit gun purchases to one per month per person
  • Safe storage requirements to limit child access to guns
  • Require gun owners to report stolen guns within 24 hours
  • Allow local officials to limit weapons in government buildings
  • An extreme risk law allowing law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from a person at a heightened risk of violent behavior

According to the the Virgina Gazette article VA Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment Jr. cried with some anti-gun protesters, and sounds sympathetic to passing some sort of new laws, even though he voted against most of them last session.

“I understand this is a very emotional time right now. I was in Virginia Beach yesterday and I think there ought to be a meaningful discussion legislatively and in the community about gun control,” Norment said. “I think some changes have been made. What I’m absolutely certain of, that not enough has been done that would satisfy most of the individuals that are here today.”

The WashingtonPost article has more details about the politics side. House Speaker Kirk Cox wants tougher mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes

“We believe addressing gun violence starts with holding criminals accountable for their actions, not infringing on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens”

But apparently, that type of gun law won’t fly with Northam:

That’s a sharp stick poked right back at Northam, who is opposed to mandatory minimums because he says they disproportionately affect African Americans.

The usual crowd praised Northam’s action including US Sen. Tim Kaine, Brady, Giffords,

Typical knee jerk reaction

Knee jerk reaction from an anti Constitution person.

OMG these people! Never miss an opportunity to run out and punish the uninvolved.

IMO, Holding criminals accountable for their actions is what we should be doing. That is not a racist statement nor meant to disproportionately affect any group. It is meant to affect criminals - the ones who are actually committing the crime.

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Wait till you hear Trump’s thoughts on silencers…


It’s already fairly difficult to get a silencer in WI. Making it harder will only affect law-abiding citizens. That’s the point people need to realize.

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I can’t even have one in Illinois. I wish I could. Hunting with a suppressed 12 gauge would be so mulch more enjoyable. Hunting, especially with a suppressed .357 magnum, would really be more enjoyable. Those 180 grain full house magnums make “just a little” noise.


Mini update, Virginia Citizens Defense League is on reddit now, and this thread has some useful info if you’d like to get involved and help let our representatives know.

TLDR -> Sign up for their email alerts at and follow the sub-reddit /r/VAGuns

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Gun Owners of America has their CallToAction setup now. You can use the link below to directly contact your representatives

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