Virginia gets a Republican Governor

Congratulations, @Johnnyq60! I’m very happy for you and the rest of the sane Virginia voters that helped make it all possible!


@Mike270 from your mouth to Gods ears and hopefully we get Constitutional carry passed in VA. :+1::+1:


I presume Todd Gilbert will be the Speaker of the House - a strong supporter of constitutional carry.


That’s great news, @Johnnyq60 !


Very happy with the election results.


  • Youngkin for Governor
  • Winsome Sears for Lt. Governor. The first woman of color to hold a statewide office. A Jamaican born Marine, Semper Fi
  • Jason Miyares for Attorney General. The first Latino AG in Virginia, a Cuban-American
  • Republican majority in the House of Delegates

Sears and Miyares victory are especially important to counteract the idiocy that is already being sprinkled around online (link and link).

I would love constitutional carry, and get state preemption (sp?) laws back in place so I don’t have to worry about which county i’m in and whether or not i can take a walk in this park without breaking a law. While I’m wishing, i’d also love a cleanup of knife carry laws too.

But the biggest influence is going to be education. Get kids IN schools, get CRT OUT of schools, and lets let our kids be kids again. I want teacher salaries up, school choice in, get test scores back up, and fix up schools that are falling apart.

Second biggest influence is going to be crime. The return of rule of law is very welcome. No more letting out violent criminals, non-punishment of crimes, and can we get our police force back on the streets.


Just reiterating a general thanks to you all in Virginia. You folks are awesome! Congratulations!


Forget a “Red Wave” a wave can be ridden, we need a tsunami! Something they will feel and remember for the rest of their lives.
You can’t usurp a free nation and get away with it!
Knowing the truth is half the battle, see “Patriot Purge” Tucker Carlson.
When we get our country back, we better keep it!
This is in my blood, these colors don’t run and can’t be changed,
God Bless America!


Enjoyed congratulating my friends in Richmond. Maybe the worm has started to turn on Bloomberg and his minions. That little billionaire weasel needs to stay out of other peoples lives and politics.


I know this isn’t Virginia, but…

It seems something is shifting in the republic.


Crazy stuff, lets take it all back. :us:
Nancy and I have started to campaign for our choice for WI Governor next year.


In case you don’t know, the website for the Virginia General Assembly is chock full of good stuff. The URL is:

Welcome to the Virginia General Assembly Website. - Home

Of course, you can enter Virginia General Assembly in your browser to get there.


Now here is the big thing and Newt Gingrich commented on it recently, “We’ve seen this before.”. Republicans have a great history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. One or two always seem to waffle or cave under the umbrella of “bipartisanship” Lindsey Graham is a great example, Paul Ryan another and Cocaine Mitch (I really want to know where that moniker came from) is yet another.

The “Go along to Get along” Republican crowd needs to be gone. Every Republican needs to delete their Twitter and Facebook accounts. They serve no useful purpose other than pointing out when they get banned for some infraction. It’s an uphill battle in the war on the electron culture but grass roots always works because there are more of us than the electron warriors. The Dem’s own the Media (even FOX News), the Hollywierd crowd, the union leaders, the halls of academia and dare I say the upper echelons of the military. Common sense folk outnumber them about 1,000 to 1 if not more.

So here is the problem, most of those 1,000 don’t want the pain of going up against the 0.1%. Where do we find the Glen Younkin’s? Mr. Durr from NJ. Lt. Gov. Elect Sears from VA? How do we get the Repub machine to actually back the people that are in touch with the people? How do we get the swamp Repubs to coalesce behind what the people want rather than what the party wants?

IMHO we need to decapitate the swamp. Elect a president that will give “job interviews” to the top 5 levels of the bureaucracy and FIRE most of them. “Here’s your retirement, Goodbye!” The most impactful thing would be to remove ALL unions that are associated with the Federal Government. The Federal Government make labor laws, There are more than enough labor laws to ensure the fair treatment of employees, Unions are a burden and a redundant waste of effort in that aspect. You work for the United States or you work for the Union. You cannot have two masters.

I’ll get in trouble if I keep going.




To keep myself also out of trouble I’ll say I agree and leave it there :slight_smile:


@Craig6 great questions, the answers are out there! Sure we can’t speak of them, the one in my mind involves NO VIOLENCE but will fix the problems instantly, hands down!
If you dig deep, you can figure it out! All the billionaires know the answer!


Now where have I heard this story before?


They were found in the trunk of his car, right?


I would guess that your state senator is Bill DeSteph. He is one of the good guys and sponsors excellent legislation such as; SB 83, SB 84, SB 85, SB 86, SB 88 in the 2020 session of the General Assembly. I encourage you to write him and let him know your thoughts on how we can get Virginia back on track.

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You are correct in all areas. I think putting mandatory minimum sentences back in place is a must. We would have had constitutional carry a few years ago if not for state senator Hanger.


I’d like to see Ms. Sears carrying that rifle while presiding over the Senate. LOL.

Amanda Chase will still be wearing her revolver I suppose.


Be loud and be proud to get two great people for your state. Here in Illinois we hope to at least replace one “big” problem next year. Keep us in your prayers and God bless America!