Veteran's day

Veteran’s days coming soon. What will you be doing to help remember their service?


SARCASM AHEAD! Maybe we could storm the capitol, In a peaceful flaming riotous sorta way complete with standard bearers and a 21 Gun salute!

Somewhere in my archives I have taken this very same photo in the very same place, back in the seventies when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor.
Even caught the muzzle flash because I had the crap scared out of me when the cannon was fired and I snapped the shot as a reflex.

Who knows, it may just get canceled, due to the white and black rage of the many who sacrificed their lives so we could be a free nation. I fear Veterans Day will fall by the way side as have so many statues!

I’ll fly my flag as high as it can go.
To let those who came and went before us, know it was not in vain! We still have their backs!


For me it is named differently… however meaning remains the same.

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I’ll be flying both flags.

A 2021-10-16 18-25-24


I’m going to fly my US flag upside down for sure.


Has anyone created a “Let’s Go Brandon” flag?


@Scott52 Here ya go. :us:


I usually take that day off. We go to R’s dad’s grave (WW2 Vet) and place a flag and flowers.


If I were in D.C., go to the ToUS. This year, have a number of drinks at the local VFW, go home and flip through the photo album. Lower the flag at sunset.

When I was a young father, I once took my family out for lunch to a place with an outdoor patio.
As a lesson I told my children about some of the guys in my old unit and the sacrifices they made. Afterwards one of the other patrons came up to us with tears in his eyes thanking me for passing on the reasons for Veteran’s Day to another generation.
I totally recommend spending part of your Veteran’s Day with kids. They need to ruminate on the meaning of the holiday.

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