Please Take A Moment To Appreciate What Memorial Day Really Means

This meme is from the community pages here somewhere but perfectly illustrates what Memorial Day is all about. Please take a moment to recognize the sacrifice our soldiers made for our country. They died for it.


The local VFW sends out the Honor Guard to several local cemeteries. They do a short honors ceremony, complete with 21 gun salute, and go to the next one. It’s open for any who wish to spectate. We usually go. Good opportunity to explain more to my son about the difference between Memorial, Veterans, and Armed Forces day.


Thank you to all of those and their Families that have served this Great Country, without you we do not enjoy the freedoms that we so enjoy. To the families who have lost loved ones serving this great Country we can only hope that you are aware that millions of us that truly thank you and your loved one for his / her service to this Country and that we are here to support you in anyway possible - Again Thank you!


Another common meme. I’ve even heard service members and former service members greet each other with “Happy Not-Veterans Day.”

I’ll sometimes refer to Memorial Day as Decoration Day, just to remind people what it’s for.




I was a child when Vietnam was happening but knew people who served and give them the most respect. Those are the true heroes and they shed blood for this country. Then you have all the heroes fighting these quiet wars all over the world and don’t return home to their families. I could not walk In their shoes and wouldn’t even attempt it. We need to recognize these sacrifices these heroes made. My brother served Army 20 years and cousins (5) served in Navy and Marine Corp. all during desert shield and storm. To me that’s what Memorial Day is all about.