Happy Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day has become synonymous with home improvement projects, spring cleaning, and outdoor activities. The long weekend can give us extra time to get all of those things done, but let’s not forget the very important and somber reason for this day.

Please take a moment to honor those you know who have died in the service to our country by sharing a story about them here. We will never forget their ultimate sacrifice.

Have a peaceful, safe Memorial Day.


Please remember that today is a Memorial Day for those military troops who have lost their lives through defending our freedoms. T

This is not another Veterans Day where we celebrate all military/veterans who are and have served to defend our freedoms


We traditionally all get together and watch Saving Private Ryan.
Then, have a big meal with lots of family and friends and reminisce about relatives and friends we loved and lost in wars of yesterday.


This place is special for me. I saw it on my own eyes and it always come back to my memory on Memorial Days:

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Luxembourg American Cemetery,

  • 5,070 graves,
  • 371 names of those missing in action


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Every teenager should have to watch the first 15 - 20 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan”, based on “The Sullivans” Law - just a speculation of mine.


The last 5 minutes of Saving Private Ryan is equally appropriate for Memorial Day.

“Taking Chance” is another great one.

I spent a good part of the weekend watching war movies, as I’m sure many of you did. Made it through Gettysburg, which is a great movie with 20 minutes of battle re-enactments stuffed in between 7 hours of Confederate soliloquies. :grin:

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Remember the brave hearts and, that they have given so much to save others. https://youtu.be/G89OCXDh8pg.

           🇺🇸      >>>>>>> [  A SOLDIERS LAST WALK  ]<<<<<<      🇺🇸