Veteran's apparel

I’ve sent a request to uscca for products which integrate both uscca and veterans support logos, etc. Anyone else think this is a good idea?


I don’t, seeing as the USCCA and every vet support group I’m aware of are separate entities.


@mattm ok…I’ll stir the pot on this one…separate entities sure I get that but let’s talk about the 13 that died recently…they were enormously supported by "separate entities " (other service branches than Marine). What’s wrong with advertising your support of other entities? I would argue that a great majority of USCCA Supporters are vet or vet Supporters…why not unify the 2…especially now when the country has swung back, Finally to being pro-veteran.


So contribute to wwp, USO, or my favorite, Semper Fi fund, or whoever you want,and wear their stuff if you want. Just 'cuz you’re advertising doesn’t mean you’re supporting. Advertising is marketing, nothing more. Imo, we as a country have been pro military in general since 9/11, so, no, not agreeing with “finally.”

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I agree with the advertising, that would be disgraceful, however we need to keep these soldiers at the forefront or he wins by making us forget. In my heart I WILL NEVER FORGET NOR FORGIVE this administration, they drew first blood and they brought down the greatest nation on the planet.
I’m literally sick to my stomach every time he speaks!
So how do we keep their spirit alive and how do we keep them in the face of our enemy so they never forget?


@Scott52 perhaps I miss spoke when I said advertising. But what I meant was just what you said…keeping their memories alive


Forget the idiots, they’ll never change. There’s so many ways to keep memories alive I am frankly surprised it’s an issue here. I walk my neighborhood daily, and go by the Airborne flag, the USMC colors several times, the Trump guy, and most of us fly Old Glory. I’ve met some young guys down the lake fishing, just out of combat, and lended an ear. All this in a blue state, though admittedly in the red corridor. Donate to a good group, keep the memory alive in you, don’t comply with the commies, and keep smiling, 'cuz that drives them nuts… One thing the leftists taught me…#not my president.