Versacarry Leather Holsters: 2 week review

Versacarry follow-up after wearing it for a week…

Integrated mag holder retains well, almost too well, as its soft leather sides tighten on the mag when you tighten your belt, making it tight to pull out, depending on which pants I’m wearing that day and belt tension. Don’t love that issue, but it does retain well, I can pull it out if/when needed, and to be fair their info says they are about practicality, not race performance. I agree. And it’s better to have an extra mag somewhere on my body, rather than nowhere.

Firm leather around the pistol takes shape after a few wears, retains gun well, and feels good. Leather is more comfy all day than kydex, and doesn’t sweat as much.

Leather also has a silent draw, rather than kydex’s plastic draw sound. A little more effort to put back into holster, but not unreasonable. It does collapse a bit after draw if you have weapon out for more than a minute or so.

Had to cut and sand a few sharp inside edges off the leather at first, as it was digging into skin. But the lower edge of holster is cut to fit around hip bones, and after softening edges feels pretty darn good. Not quite as comfortable as Alien Gear Tuck, but it rides better all day, and stays where I put it better. A worthy trade for me.

Interesting and unexpected plus, is that I can now wear pistol at about 3:30 position, which is better for driving, as the pistol sits just behind hip bone and attached mag holder fits just in front of it, keeping the whole thing in place. Also doesn’t sag my pants and belt like others, maybe because it has more surface area. Plus no more holster migrating around my waist to the back. Nice.