Versacarry Leather Holsters: 2 week review

At first I wasn’t sure I wanted a leather holster. As far as comfort goes they can’t be beat, but what about retention?

After seeing ads for them on Facebook for months I decided that $20 isn’t much to spend on a test case. So I ordered one. This is the holster with a mag carrier attached, plain, no frills.

I slid my handgun in empty and gave it the upside down shake test. My pistol didn’t move. Ok, time to add the weight, put a loaded magazine in and repeated the test. A tiny amount of movement. I reason that once it’s stretched tight and belted on my pistol won’t move and so far that has been correct.

Comfort is off the charts. There are no hard edges pressing in to my hip and it’s almost like I’m not wearing a firearm at all.

I was initially skeptical about their “generic” sizing. However the trigger is covered, the leather is tight enough to have to stretch to fit allowing a firm hold with a good amount of passive retention.

Since I only ordered the cheapest they had, I am now curious about their more expensive offerings, especially since some have stamped art offerings.

This is after 2 weeks. I’m going to wait awhile yet to see if the leather wears out quickly or not. It is not soft leather, but the outside of the leather seems to be softened for comfort, just the surface not the entire thing.

This post is based on my opinions and observations, it should in no way be taken for official advice by me, the USCCA or any other organization.

Note: the picture IS of me wearing the holster with my firearm. I had to pull my outer shirt up for the picture.


That is a sharp looking leather holster brother.


I have a few of these holsters and while I like them alot and they conceal well, they do put wear marks on the slide over time. Other than that, great concealable holsters. :+1:


I have the same holster for my carry gun, it’s my go to OWB holster, I also have one of their guardian holsters for my Ruger SR40, again great holster, very comfortable.


I have a few Versacarry holsters and am happy with all of them. from semiauto versions to revolver.


Just ordered iwb version with mag holder… Like that it might make carrying a spare mag convenient. We’ll see. If not better than my AG hybrid it’ll go in the box, or here up for trade.

Sale price helped. Also found $10 digital coupon code online, which worked instantly without fuss. $36 total including shipping.

Discount Code: YZ6N2P1

Follow up: it took 2.5 weeks to arrive…
Ships flat, you press gun and mag into leather. I assume it will form fit after a while. I’ll have to leave it in there 24/7 for a bit to see. Seems well made and good looking. Feels comfy enough so far. More update after a week or two of wearing it.


I’m glad I ran across this, I bought just this last week the OWB Guardian two tone with a cross design and a separate mag holder as I wanted them separate.

I figured the same I’ll check them out and see how they work for the price as they were on sale.

The sale is up tomorrow it’s 30% with code America30


This is a sharp looking holster brother the detail sticks out and looks well made. May it last you a life. The holster is blessed.

Versacarry follow-up after wearing it for a week…

Integrated mag holder retains well, almost too well, as its soft leather sides tighten on the mag when you tighten your belt, making it tight to pull out, depending on which pants I’m wearing that day and belt tension. Don’t love that issue, but it does retain well, I can pull it out if/when needed, and to be fair their info says they are about practicality, not race performance. I agree. And it’s better to have an extra mag somewhere on my body, rather than nowhere.

Firm leather around the pistol takes shape after a few wears, retains gun well, and feels good. Leather is more comfy all day than kydex, and doesn’t sweat as much.

Leather also has a silent draw, rather than kydex’s plastic draw sound. A little more effort to put back into holster, but not unreasonable. It does collapse a bit after draw if you have weapon out for more than a minute or so.

Had to cut and sand a few sharp inside edges off the leather at first, as it was digging into skin. But the lower edge of holster is cut to fit around hip bones, and after softening edges feels pretty darn good. Not quite as comfortable as Alien Gear Tuck, but it rides better all day, and stays where I put it better. A worthy trade for me.

Interesting and unexpected plus, is that I can now wear pistol at about 3:30 position, which is better for driving, as the pistol sits just behind hip bone and attached mag holder fits just in front of it, keeping the whole thing in place. Also doesn’t sag my pants and belt like others, maybe because it has more surface area. Plus no more holster migrating around my waist to the back. Nice.


I can add a 3 year review on Versacarry holsters. It is used on a daily basis and it still has great retention I see no excessive wear to the gun or to any body part that comes in contact with the holster. I have some different ones from Versacarry used for other guns with less time in use but just as happy with them as my daily.


Its nice looking with the side cart and it looks comfortable.

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