Vacation Trip to Washington: Am I Covered?

I am planning a vacation trip to the Washington Coast, and then this question popped into my head. Why? My father had asked “why not Oregon”… I can’t carry in Oregon is why I am doing Washington. Then I remembered that the carry insurance has been canceled in Washington. I need to go see the coast before even going to Washington is banned.

So, being a non-resident, am I covered if something happens in Washington? Figured this might apply to a few other States in the same situation.


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You live out of the state of Washington? If you are not a resident of Washington, you should be good. Ask @Dawn to be sure.

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Why not Alaska?


Do you live in Alaska? If so are you flying or driving?
If flight originates on U.S. soil and ends on U.S. soil just follow the relevant rules for transporting a firearm by the TSA.

Heck just get a private charter, I’ve not heard of them being expensive.
If you live in Alaska and are driving through an international border? I wouldn’t do it as I’m pretty sure that’s no bueno

Washington is a gorgeous state - I love visiting there. I couldn’t live there with their current political climate.

If you have a USCCA membership in a state where we can sell USCCA memberships and travel to Washington state on vacation, your USCCA membership will be able to assist you legally if you have to physically defend yourself in Washington.


Thank you Dawn. I figured as much, but really did not want to found out the hard way.

Yes, Washington is getting almost as bad as Oregon, and worse by the month. The trip is not until September, and by then it may be as bad as Oregon, so then we either cancel the trip and go somewhere else like Utah again. Maybe North Dakota.

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