Hypothetical question on coverage

If you are a member and you go to a state that does not have USCCA coverage, do you still get covered? Do you still get assistance? Say I was living in Montana and I am a member and I go to Seattle for some crazy reason, and I get into an altercation of unpreventable events except for going to Seattle in the first place, Do I still get assistance?


Yes, your coverage travels with you. Insert usual not a lawyer disclaimer yada, yada, yada. Then add that the crisis team makes the final call on your self defense.


Your USCCA membership is there to assist you in any US state - with attorneys local to that state (including if you choose the attorney.)


Any legal self defense, any legal weapon of opportunity anywhere in the USA and Territories.

So, what I am getting at is if I use a Montana address and I live in Washington State will I still be covered?

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While Seattle does have some scenery and nearby mountains, water… but…

Going to Seattle? I did not think USCCA provided mental health evaluations



I stay as far away from Seattle as possible. Looking for a house for sale in Montana.

Montana and that area has a robust real estate market now, and that includes South Dakota, which is a good place also… they do not tax your retirement.

I knew you would avoid Seattle, since it is a hypothetical.

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