Yikes! How does out of state coverage work?

I live in Idaho within 200 yards of the Washington border. I have a Washington CCW as it is honored in both states, but I just found out that I cannot buy your insurance for my son in Washington. My question is how does that Washington decision affect my coverage being a resident of Idaho? Is it still valid if something, God forbid, happens in Washington State? To recap, I live in Idaho, travel lots in Washington, is my coverage valid in Washington? What if someone has a vacation home in Idaho, but lives in Washington? I have a brother-in-law who lives in Spokane, but has a home at Stoneridge in Blanchard Idaho. Spends two weekends a month in Idaho. What about him? Lastly, Stoneridge has a lux motorhome section. Some of those people move from Stoneridge in Idaho to places in Arizona when the snow starts. How do you sell them insurance, or can you?


The USCCA Coverage, despite Washington States misleading labeling, is not insurance. It is a benefit of your membership. For example, you join a gym for
$9. 99, $19.99, or $29.99 per month.

  1. $9.99 Gets you unlimited use of the gym.
  2. $19.99 Gets you unlimited use of the gym, plus one session per month with a personal trainer.
  3. $29.99 Gets you unlimited use of the gym, plus one session per month with a personal trainer, plus a monthly dietary plan with a nutritionist.

My example is only a rough example just to illustrate that it is a membership benefit, and not insurance.

@Dawn would be your best bet or you can call USCCA’S
member support line 24/7 or the number on your membership card at any time with any questions. I can personally tell you that they are absolutely the gold standard in member care and some of the easiest and friendliest people to talk to and they will make sure you get the answers you need.


I cannot tell you what Washington State will do but, the complaint they are making is that USCCA is not authorized to sell insurance in their state.

If we just assume, for arguments sake only, that USCCA is an insurer under the laws on WA and are subject to their laws, would that prevent USCCA from providing benefits to members form other states for an incident that occurs in WA?

The best example I can come up with that should illustrate the right answer is how automobile insurance is handled. Generally, any automobile insurer that wants to do business in a state must get authorization from the state to do so. I can guarantee you that Kentucky Farm Bureau is not licensed to sell insurance in Washington state either and KFB does not sell in WA, they only sell in KY. If I had KY car insurance and drove my car there, even though KFB is not authorized to do business there, would I still be covered? The unequivocal answer to this question is YES! My contract with KFB follows me and my vehicle wherever I or it goes, it is not specific to Kentucky. If I am in a wreck in WA, all of the benefits I have under that policy are available to me, indemnity for liability, coverage for my property damage, medical expenses and wage loss, vehicle rental, etc. Thje fact that you drove out of state into a state in which your insurer is not approved by the state does not turn you in to an uninsured motorist.

I would expect that USCCA will comply with the terms of the member agreement no matter where the occurrence takes place.


How can Washington state interfere with out of state contracts like this though? Isn’t that an interference with interstate commerce? So, lets say you have Idaho Safeway offering Blue-cross to it’s workers. It still is applicable in Washington. Any out of state business offering some type of insurance to its members should still be applicable out of state. Where the members of the organization live should not influence how this works, but where the organization is incorporated should be the guide. If the organization is incorporated in Idaho, then insurance law in Idaho should apply. Where the member of the organization lives is unimportant, as the corporation under corporate law has certain legal rights that shield the individual members from certain aspects of the law. As USCCA is incorporated elsewhere or not in Washington, then shouldn’t that states corporate law have standing and not Washington?


USCCA Memberships are based on your primary address. If you live in Idaho and travel to Washington, your USCCA Membership will still be able to assist you in Washington.

If you live in Washington, we cannot sell you a USCCA membership. If you have two addresses - your vacation home is in Washington and your primary home is in Idaho, great! We can sell you a membership using your Idaho address.

Does that help, @SuperChicken?


Yes, thanks! So, my son lives in Spokane to work and go to school. His parents live in Idaho. I suspect he could still get insurance even though he is on his own as long as he was of a certain age?


Are you referring to a USCCA membership, @SuperChicken? We’re not insurance. We offer a membership with education, training and self-defense legal protection. (We have to be very aware of the wording we’re using due to situations in states like Washington.)

Yes, he could have his own membership. Is his permanent address his parents address in Idaho? That should work for the USCCA membership. Give us a shout at: 877-677-1919 and our awesome Customer Experience Team here can help you out!




I can respond to the coverage in Washington State since I am from and live in Texas and have a CHL in Texas and Texas honors a CHL from Washington State and Washington does not honor a CHL from Texas,and I am currently in Wa. visiting and had to 4 months use the Atty benefit from USCCA and they furnished the representation that I needed and after 4 months the case was ruled self defense,so yes USCCA will represent you in Washington if you are from another State. But do not be surprised if you are not charged with BRANDISHING although Wa. has a stand your ground law,the brandishing law makes the stand your ground law basically null and void as with the right to defend yourself The PA strung the charges out trying to get me to plead out,I stuck to my ground and kept stating that I would never plead to a deal,only complete exoneration since I was was defending my health and welfare.


Good to know, thanks.

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