Using “low tech”

Saw a few posts about advances in technology in self-defense and firearms.

What about “old-school“ or low tech ideas or uses have you heard of?; Or what have you seen or liked using?

Any creative or money saving “tips”?


I’ve used some of those orange plastic/rubber wedge tools to remove stubborn grips from firearms so’s not to scratch the finishes.

Once, on a revolver, when replacing from a rubber grip - to a wooden grip, I inserted some cushioning inside the grip to soften the pain experienced on the hand when shooting:

Using pieces of a bicycle inner tube

Layers of a loose rubber band tourniquet, like those popular light blue ones we see.


To chewing gum to prevent ear pain from ear muffs - during range time.


Saw another post – suggesting sewing in some ‘weight’ inside your dominant side sweater/garment, so it stays back during a “draw”.


Saw a vid of a fella who used spent casings as fishing lures and caught some fish with it. I noticed some for sale, but I made a home-made one.

Handmade American Fishing Bullet Lure Gift for Fishermen Bass Fishing Spinner Bait


Pssst… The fish don’t care. :fishing_pole_and_fish:


lol! When I was homeless living up in glenwood springs
The brown trout in the Colorado river would’ve hit a casing with a hook on it!

Seriously, a plain gold spoon was lightning rod for them!

I’m betting a hammer flattened casing with a hook on it would’ve worked just as well in a pinch!


Low tech life-hack?

Just put the phone down while in public and look around


You are a genius, Nate! Situational awareness goes a long, long way!1


I’m no jenius just :wine_glass: a bit hehe :wine_glass:


Nathan you deterred several crimes with that hack


I love this kind of stuff. I put a piece of rubber in front of chamber when practicing reloads so slide don’t smack into chamber. I also made dummy rounds that have a notch on them so they stay in the mag.


Thats a pretty slick lure right there :us:


“Low tech?”

A solid, well built firearm which fits my grip, stance, eyesight, etc., with thousands of rounds of “proof” firing and training. Pair that with a quantity of reliable ammunition and enough spare parts to keep it healthy and you’ll have an effective and reliable tool that won’t let you down.

“Beware the man who owns only one gun.”


I own MANY guns,… I choose to use few.
Depending on situation,…

This would be my single gun…

IWI Tavor, 5.56, Eotec EXPS3-2 holographic sight, two dots, center is 75-250 yards, lower dot is 400-600 yards. (Based on 5.56 ballistic trajectory) the bottom of the circle is the POI under 20 yards. (Roughly)

The circle :o: is 60 MOA, or five feet at 100 yards, so it gives rudimentary range finding if you understand how to use it.

Slap up the 3x magnifier for more accurate long range shots.

Being a bullpup it gives me a shorter length of pull for close quarters combat (just like y’all’s SBR M4s) but still has a 16.5” barrel giving full ballistic power and accuracy from the round.

This is my gun.


When I retired, the folks I worked collected some money, so I bought some Axil hearing protection with it, and gave up the earmuffs.


Electronic ear buds?

ya know you get more fish with ‘‘live’’ rounds :sunglasses:

just saying :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Does it get any lower tech than a snub nose .38 loaded with lead semi wadcutters?


What do you think of the axils. I see a lot of this type of Ear pro out there now. :us: On my AK I find myself wearing ear plugs inside electronic muffs

Hooah on that one!! Heads up! :us:

They work really well for me. So much more comfortable,

Do you have any fitment issues?

Saw someone wrap their rifle in camouflage tape for hunting.

Borrowed their idea, but only on one of my scoped rifle stocks which has a synthetic stock:

I wanted a stock “cheek riser” for comfort to line up my eyes to the scope, I cut some pieces of that black spongey styrofoam which lines our home delivery packages, cut it to size with scissors. Then wrapped it with a favorite cammo tape. The end of it kept flapping loose but I remedied that with a little Gorilla Glue.

Very light weight, looks better, got some compliments, works like a charm, saved some dough not having to buy a stock cover.