Using Dogs for Home Defense | USCCA

You are a smart man, sir. Your dog is an ideal burglar alarm.

Thank you, Ms Oakley!

I went to read blog posts and I can’t comment on them unless I memorize name of blog post search for it, then click on it. Then click on the part about the blue text link on bottom.

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My lab greets every stranger like a long lost friend. He’s cute, but no, he is absolutely not a part of my home defense plan.

They bark like hell if anyone they see even walks on the sidewalk down our house. Two rescue dogs. Not sure they would protect one probably as he gets upset with me when we play wrestle but no one will sneak up on our house without peircing dog barks that send 20 nails into the ceiling from even myself,

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Not just see but hear. Bark is 100 times much louder than the bite. Scares the hell out of everyone out back if outside in privacy fence.

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Just got skunked!

I lived in the country, back in the ‘70s. We got burgled one day while everyone was gone. The sheriff said they were pros, who knew how to break in easily, and mace the dogs.

Our dogs are just one line of defense, they serve as an alarm and deterrent, but like the gun safe, they are not foolproof. I specifically wanted larger dogs that would bark, to my surprise, some of the neighbors like that our dogs bark at the late night / early morning cell phone walkers with their hoods up. I personally am a little suspicious of anyone who feels the need to walk their cell phone slowly past my house at, fortunately, so are the dogs.

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Like DS-1, our dog is an alarm and a deterrent. Many people who walk by may be thinking about casing a house for intrusion or theft, but hopefully the dog’s alert behavior, deep bark, and large size let them know this house is not an easy target. As to whether my dog would bite if confronted by a stranger in the middle of the night, frankly I don’t know.

But I also don’t think a rational thief would chance an encounter with an 80 pound dog. It’s just one layer of our defense plan, but a very good one, indeed.