USCCA Training Course Descriptions

Is there a list of training courses (live) with descriptions somewhere? I’ve looked in the training area and found previous threads pointing to the training part of the site but apart from where you put your zip code in and find local classes, I can’t find any kind of “curriculum” or something like it.

I’d love to see a break down of the classes, descriptions, prerequisites, all in one place so I can easily compare. Not sure if that exists and could use some help.


Great question, @Keith61! Most classes on the training page should have a description with them. The curriculum is different for different teachers as some have to cover different/more/less topics than others depending on the state.

I can tell you that the majority of the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Class is in line with the book of the same name:

Written by Michael Martin, this expansive guide is for anyone who is considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. “Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals” covers crucial topics like understanding conflict avoidance and situational awareness, handgun and shotgun basics, shooting fundamentals, the physiology of violent confrontations and the legal characteristics of using deadly force. Recognized as the official textbook of USCCA classrooms, this easy-to-read guide provides full access on what gear you should wear, what gadgets you should use, and how you should train for self-defense situations.

The same type of descriptions are on our Defensive Shooting Fundamentals classes and books:

These classes do not have specific set curriculum as they are taught based on the people in the class, it’s very individual and subjective to their training levels.

I would suggest reaching out to the instructors about the classes you’re interested in. Some might not be USCCA classes. If you have questions about certain USCCA classes I can do my best to help! Just let me know what questions you have. :smiley:

BTW - Defensive Shooting Two is the only class that has a prerequisite that I know of (Defensive Shooting One).

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This is the class I was looking at taking. A bit more of what I’m looking for rather than the Basic Pistol or Concealed Carry & Home Defense (for now).

LOVE that class!!! Here’s the description from the book:

It’s imperative that you train in as effective, realistic and practical manner as possible. You can’t waste time or resources on anything that isn’t a specialized area of study. This book will guide you through the steps to take to go from just sending rounds downrange to actually training in specific, tested methods of armed self-defense.

There isn’t a set curriculum. The instructor bases the class on the level of the students so that the training is appropriate for all in the class. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be lowered to the level of the least experience student in the class. The instructor will go through drills and possibly modify them to make them easier or harder for different individuals in the class so that they take the class at their level.

It can include everything from balance of speed and precision, rapid fire, presentation from a holster, shooting on the move, emergency reloading, clearing malfunctions (in live fire setting), and more. It’s 90-95% on the range with some instruction, safety discussion and Q&A that may be done off the range.

I LOVE taking and teaching this class. There’s nothing quite like practicing shooting skills in a live fire setting with people who are equally as passionate about it!


It’s like you guys are reading my mind. I was just standing here thinking that I want to find another class.

What classes have you taken so far?

From USCCA? Just the basic course. It was a little lower level than I had hoped, but at least it introduced me to you fine folks. :wink:

To be honest, I’d take a random course every month if I could afford it. I can learn something new all the time, even if everyone else in the room is getting their first introduction to firearms.

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Check out Will Parker in Montana USCCA for self- defense class. He is very good!

Thanks for the info but Montana is quite a hike from PA.

Think of it as a vacation, beautiful country.

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A buddy and I are going to sign up for the DSF Level 1 course I linked to. He isn’t a USCCA member (yet) but was asking if there was a discount on training if you are a member. He saw that on the member benefits page and was curious.

I just completed the USCCA Range Safety Officer Online eLearning Course!

I thought it was well done. :slight_smile: I’d recommend it.

What courses do other people recommend?

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