Listing and descriptions of USCCA training courses available?


So my son has joined USCCA and he is many hours away from where I am living currently. I am encouraging him to take additional training beyond the concealed carry certification class he needed for his permit, and…

I am confused by the listings of classes available via the “enter the zip code for classes near you” thing on the Training tab.

Apologies, but is there a listing and course description from beginner on up? I have not been able to locate anything like that, and would like to steer him towards some classes to build his skills.

Thanks for your help!

Happy trails,


Visit the website , click on training, and you’ll see a list of the classes available and a brief description of them. @Dawn

If you have any questions just ask, there are several people from “The Office” who post here as well as several of us who are USCCA Instructors.

I had seen the link, but following it, there were listings for the Concealed Carry and also Defensive Shooting Fundamentals classes.

The are there suggestions/recommendations for an order to take the classes? And is there a full listing of available USCCA classes?

The basic prerequisites for the more advanced classes are the Handgun Fundamentals, Home Defense Fundamentals and Concealed Carry classes. They’ll give you a very good base to build from.

Thanks! I will let him know. Maybe make it a birthday present.