USCCA Responds: President Biden’s Gun Control Executive Orders

U.S. Concealed Carry Association President and Founder Tim Schmidt went live on One America News Network (OANN) to respond to President Biden’s planned use of executive power to enforce six gun control measures to end the gun violence “epidemic.” Pointing to the record national gun sales over the last year and the surge in demand among Americans of all backgrounds for firearms education and training, Schmidt says that Biden should be focused on supporting and protecting responsible, law-abiding Americans, not stripping away their Second Amendment rights and disarming them, essentially leaving them defenseless. Likewise, Schmidt explained that none of the schemes Biden mentioned will have an impact on violence in the U.S.

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Preaching to the choir.

I think the 10th Amendment will be very important in the next 2 years.
The 2022 elections will be very important and hope we can hold onto the SCOTUS and no packing between now and then.


National carry reciprocity is the first important step we need. The other is widespread education and training. Just as we spend hours talking to the patients in my main job as a Family Physician about all types of health related matters and ways to consider improving their health, increasing community outreach to educate and train Americans in firearms safety and awareness and the truth around gun violence and its impact is vastly more important than criminalizing gun ownership. The “public health crisis” of gun violence killed just under 40,000 last year while heart disease consistently kills nearly 850,000. This is CDC data. Why aren’t we tearing down McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme instead of hiding all the ammo??


The question is, what to do. This has happened every time the Left has the majority. Usually it’s a lot of talk and very little action. My fear is that one day they make it work, they pass these laws. Then it will be too late.