USCCA Range Bag

Any bought the USCCA range bag from the online store? I like the fact it’s got the logo on it and I think it would look nice to have when I’m teaching a USCCA branded course.


I did and I use it for the range every time.


Same here. I keep my .45 stuff on one side, my .380 stuff on the other side pouch. Then I keep rifle mags, and eye and ear pro in the middle pouch.

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I have one. It’s a great bag; tough, roomy, and nicely divided for keeping gear organized. Highly recommended.


got one when I upgraded from silver to gold plan…wasn’t expecting much (NRA bag ring a bell :rofl:), but was pleasantly surprised. I use it as my pistol bag, have squashed 6 pistols and mags into it, and a couple boxes of ammo to stuff it, and after I think nearly 2 years and 70 outings, it has yet to lose a stitch.


Hahaha, the NRA bags are, well…they are what they are.

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I purchased one recently and am very happy with the size and the construction- it’s a pretty solid range bag.

I have 3. One for me, wife and daughter. Came with eye pro and electronic ear pro, and a cleaning kit.

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That’s pretty nice, especially for new shooters.

They are well crafted with the range and shooter in mind.


I got one when I joined as a part of a promotion. It’s a nice bag and I don’t se it often. I actually like it enough that I gave my old range bag to my dad and this one is my default/go to bag.

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Looks great–but with all the stuff I like to take to the range, i’ve resorted to a backpack style.
Pretty soon it’s going to be a steamer trunk on wheels.

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I have four and use them all the time for teaching and range work. Get a lot of comments on how nice they are.

One day I’ll need to pick up one to put my 4 USCCA T-Shirts and hat in.
Hope I have room for something else😀

I use this bag at every range outing, and when I travel. The only bad thing is that one of the rings that hold the shoulder strap has pulled out and I cant find a way to fix it. Pete

It’s a good thing to have, I got one awhile back and it’s good to have. I have found that it does have a weight limit though. 4 firearms, ears, cleaning equipment, and almost 2,000 rounds is too much weight for the straps.

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