USCCA Instructor Certs

Yep I am the guy that has the shooting qual thread running. Came across two other “factors” in my consideration to proceed with training.

  1. How long is a USCCA Instructor Cert valid for?

  2. What are the exact/defined requirements for their renewal?

Sorry for these basic questions but it almost feels like some of this stuff is being “kept under seal”. Its confusing that it doesn’t jump off the page here (Or am I just blind at the digital wheel?) LOL!


@Zee could help you on these questions forsure!


Well, some things, like the shooting qualification details aren’t published. My guess is that’s because they want to evaluate your actual skills, rather than have you train to pass a test. And they do evaluate your actual skills.

A bit of background… Unlike some other subjects, firearms instructor programs don’t primarily teach you to use firearms, they teach you how to teach people to use firearms. They will certainly teach you firearms things you didn’t know, improve your information and improve your technique, but that builds on your already sound skillset.

Instructor certification courses focus on updating to current information and techniques, safe and effective teaching, ability to present, coach and interact with students, legal knowledge, and other teacher skills.

You’ll be a better shooter after the course but more importantly you’ll be a better teacher.

Ok, that said, I’ve never asked about what is pre-published and what isn’t (like the exact qual), and since this is a question that comes up from time to time, I’ll find out!

In the meantime a call to the training group at USCCA will get your questions answered.

As to maintaining certification once you have it, you are expected to be actively teaching. BTW, the NRA has the same basic requirements for certification and maintaining your certification. I’m certified through both and I like both, and I spend my time here on the USCCA site, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. :wink:


@Zee’s got it! You need to teach a certain number of people to keep your certification valid (it’s a reasonable number - nothing crazy, but the exact number escapes me right now).

And I agree with Zee’s reasoning guess, we want to see that you can shoot, not train to pass a test. The qualification isn’t terrible. :grin:


My understanding is we must have a pistol permit (however defined by the particular state) and teach 20 students per year.

Some of us work for companies that instruct, like me, where there are marksmanship standards, but that is up to the company.

Getting certified is 4 steps.

  1. Online course study and testing.
  2. Two day in-person class with other instructor-candidates.
  3. Live fire instruction of fellow candidate (50 rounds)
  4. Live fire demonstration of personal skills (50 rounds)

There are of course more details but better to do it than explain it. :wink:


OK. At this point if I need any other follow-up questions I’ll call them directly. Just trying to make a personal decision as to whether or not this program will interface with my desire to be a tactical trainer. I help many people already but in an unofficial “friendly helpful guy” at the range person. Being straightforward; I will say that I know MANY pistol marksmen that can punch holes in paper in super tight groups, but they are DEAD in a close quarter battle. If you can punch 2" groups in 3-4 seconds, while that sounds nice, it is 2-3 seconds after you are already shot in a close quarter battle. No interest in being Rambo or Dirty Harry, just want to train for the event that would likely save my bacon if the stuff hit the fan.


I have a question also. I plan to get certified through the USCCA down the road (got rangemaster instructor development coming up so that’s taking my money and time currently) but when I’m ready do I have to pay for the online elearning if I’ve already finished it through my membership or can I go straight to the Instructor Training course?


@Jeff4 that’s a question to ask the training department, give them a call.

@GlockGuy getting instructor liability insurance is a pretty good idea if you are teaching, even casually. Having been certified makes that easy, I’m not sure if you can get insurance without it… haven’t tried, but certification us one of the first questions on the application.


^^^ 100% of that. I will help a student improve their defensive accuracy, but I’m not a straight-up marksmanship instructor. There’s a lot to defensive shooting, most of which has very little to do with making the holes in the paper touch each other.


New to this great forum. Zee, you hit it on the head. GlockGuy is right to train for protection and not just poking holes in paper at a range. Feel like I have hours of reading here before I can absorb so much of what you all have to teach me. I will be asking for advice alot, LOL.


Welcome to the group @EDC_always!

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I live in Nacogdoches Texas, have been thinking about becoming a USCCA instructor, but not sure how or where to go… please help.


Happy to @Joey :grin:
Start here for information and upcoming classes:

I know they were getting the 2020 schedule together before Christmas, but I’m not sure if they have all of them posted yet.

Ask whatever questions you have :smiley:


Thank you @Zee! I have TONS of questions :joy:


Thank you Zee… I’ll get all this going ASAP, now I’ll have to find a USCCA instructor in my area or close to it…