USCCA home site down?

Just curiosity… What app are you talking about?


The USCCA app

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Next time please be more specific asking questions.
We were trying to fix your browser…and it was not related to your actual issue. :zipper_mouth_face:


I thought I was pretty specific I said I couldn’t open the main USCCA page

Main USCCA page…is

Anyway, no reason to argue… just misunderstanding…


And they have an app in the app store that was what was not working

There are, surprisingly, 4 USCCA apps if you are on a normal device and 3 USCCA Apps if you are on an iOS device.

The main app doesn’t have access to the Protector Academy, that is through the Protector Academy App which may show as “Train USCCA” or similar.

Then there is the Reciprocity App and if you are not on iOS you may have a Community app specifically for this Community as well.

I prefer going through a browser (Chrome is the most reliable) myself as everything is in one place on the page at although you only have to enter

Login credentials are the same across all