USCCA Expo coming to the North East!

The USCCA Expo is just a couple of months away and we can’t wait to visit Pittsburgh!

There will be a ton of great experiences to be had, including:
…we will still have the Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) Tactical Range and the USCCA Live-Fire Range. The live-fire range will have an ever-growing number of gun makers on hand with pistols for you to test. Thanks once again to Black Hills Ammunition for supplying the ammo we will burn up over the weekend.

Check it out here:

And get your tickets here!


Just thinking of great times shared at my first USCCA Concealed Carry Expo. Learned a lot! Was going to attend this year, but … …

What’s one thing you’ve learned/realized/remembered/practiced involving firearms and/or self-defense during this “lockdown”? Let’s get a “mini seminar” going with tips from all over!