Congrats to the USCCA and the PA 2A community

"We need to stay strong and keep our focus on what really matters. We need to continue to defend and empower law-abiding Americans to be the strongest protectors they can be,” Schmidt concluded today.

Proud to be a member! :slight_smile:



I’ll pop bottles to that!!! (Coca-Cola bottles:rofl::rofl: )

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I did not know that the USCCA was this active in fighting bad gun laws, and am thankful that we are. Definite applause and a ‘thumbs up’ to the HQ gang (Tim, Kevin, Dawn, Zee, and the lawyer cadre!)

And he does it again. Holy Thread Resurection. It’s not a problem if I admit it’s a problem🙄. Right? How am I missing all of these amazing threads.

This was an issue I found interesting about last year’s USCCA’S Expo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I actually questioned the thought process of awarding the city with these restrictive measures pending with such a potentially lucrative tourism benefit. I even went so far as to talk to a couple of members of management at the USCCA about it.

The USCCA’s reasoning was far more sound and forward looking than mine. The response I got and I am paraphrasing here. Was “we want the city of Pittsburgh, PA. to see Concealed Carriers as a group to be welcomed”. Carrots greater than Sticks.