USCCA Expense Cap

Hello USCCA Family,

As some of you are aware, I decided to put my hand in expanding our family by becoming an affiliate. However, even after explaining all the perks of our membership has, they always see the cap in expenses of legal fees, and the cheapness of U.S. Lawshild that they think somehow they got the better deal.

(1) They can’t comprehend it’s not insurance, but a membership that provides so so, many benefits that if we were to list them all, it would take a good while to type it.

The question before I tell my real story why I’m glad the USCCA is not a insurance company. Do you think we will ever have no cap memberships? @Zee @Dawn

Real Story, don’t have to read, I’m a writer forgive me if these long encounters get on your nerves but they are true and want to always share my experience because I learned a lot since being on here myself. (This time I won’t write it like I’m turning it in for my final).
Example: Insurance will drop you in a heartbeat, Example: I sued state farm in small claims court after refusing to pay for my 13,500 Rolex, but the rider was for $15,000 plus the &10,000 for my guns(Guns did not get stolen) Long story short in which, I would love to share my first semester as a pre-law student who won against State Farm. (Oh, I saved no lie, 50% by switching to Guico after State Farm did their “special investigation”).

An ex-Louisiana State Trooper acted like he still was with the LSP when he would come to my house so keep that in mind, when I got the judges orders at the end from the clerk he had a criminal warrant placed on him but after providing so much evidence of bad-faith on State Farms willingness to pay the contract terms they agreed to, I got the full $15,000 plus filing fee(Only the defendant may have representation in small claims here and of course, I was the plaintiff and, I’m so familiar with Louisiana’s Napolianc ways, that other states make be like that too,

Main point: I’m so proud to be apart of a wonderful membership!

Main Lesson: Save 50% right now by switching to Guico, State Farm is not a good neighbor, and yeah they were there investigating, and Jake from State Farm never picks up the phone because he is always on vacation. I really used the line highlighted but used the real case handlers’ name. The Judge really did smile, I thought I could get in trouble, but it was a true statement. It felt good and especially since I just had started my first semester then or may have been second but I told myself win or lose, I need practice. The state farm lawyer even shook my hand(Which I thought was only on T.V. but no he seemed nice but had nothing good to say when the Judge drilled him on the false info State Farm told him to say.

Also, I bet sharyols she shed dint get paid because they claimed she lit it on fire(Even if that was out at the time, I would NOT say that out I would have got contempt for saying that) :rofl::rofl::rofl:


There are a lot of differences between the two organizations, @Randall318. The cap is one of the things people cite as a difference. There are some caveats to that cap: you have to use their attorney for your defense; they do not cover bail bond (unless you add that coverage), court fees, expert witness fees, or damages.



Yes, ma’am! That is what I do explain to them, but you did educate me on the fact of it’s seperate therefore, you are really at there disposal.

As far as State Farm, I just used that experience to show how much insurance companies really think of their policy owners. But, I appreciate that @dawn because even though I would explain the “insurance” factor but THAT IS WHY MY INSTRUCTOR SAID NO ONE COULD BAIL YOU OUT IN LOUISIANA. He just didn’t understand the difference as far as bond, attorney, and all that, Wow, like now things make more sense

lol Sorry, I just love law and learning something new. No wonder most are so cheap. But I’m a nice guy I’ll never argue or tell them ccw or U.S. law shield is bad, I tell them all the benefits of our membership. Legal protection is huge yes but, since becoming a member of the family, I’ve learned so much as well as love these wonderful people on here.


Please don’t mistake my calling out the differences as a bad thing or downgrading a competitor. I’d rather someone had a competitor than no legal protection. I encourage everyone to research their options and choose the protect that best fit their needs. I firmly believe that the USCCA has the best option out there, @Randall318, and I know we’re run with integrity and a deep passion to help responsibly armed Americans learn how to best defend themselves and their loved ones.



No, ma’am! I never would do that. Sometimes, I wonder because we can’t hear tone if someone thought me to be mean.

However, you said the same thing, I tell them. I’m just glad they are responsible firearm owners as we are, but just doing what’s best maybe for their needs. but I’ll always say if you change your mind! lol, But yeah, I’m too nice to tell anybody who is just trying to do what’s right, wrong… I’m the “nice guy” whom yes, does finish last, but hey Leah loves it so that’s all that matters!