USCCA Bail/Bond Limit of 50k

Hi there, I’ve read most of the contracts for legal protection out there and obviously USCCA is by far the best. But one downside I noticed is that the Elite members only seem to have 50k of bail/bond (which does come out of the criminal defense fund i believe). Anyway, what are your thoughts, are any of you going to double insure, like say, with Firearms Legal Protection which covers 250k in bail/bond? They definitely suck though considering their exclusions don’t cover defensive display, having to shoot family members, or even using your hands i dont think. Not here endorsing Firearm Legal Protection. What are your thoughts

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A lot of times bail bonds only require a 10% payment of the full amount, so in that instance, a $50,000.00 could protect you if your bail was $500,000. @MikeBKY do you have any input about bail bonds? I know the laws differ on bail bonding from state to state.


In Kentucky the bonds are paid directly to the Court. When the courts reorganized in the 70s bail bondsmen were outlawed. Our bonds are decided by the court and the court decides what the amount is and what must be paid. It is usually full case, 10%, property (valued at 2x the bond amount) or surety/signature.


Hmm still a little confused… so FLP would cover a quarter mil which would cost them 25k in California… so USCCA would cover that as well at the same amount for platinum but in states where its different then FLP might be better on that point alone

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FLP is a “prepaid legal services plan.” They provide help with bond, legal fees and a few other services, such as gun replacement and counseling.

Here’s the sample language for FLP on bail bonds.

We will pay the premium for a bail bond from a licensed bail bond service for a bail bond with a face value up to $250,000.

So if you assume having to post 10% of the bond of 250K, their limit is $25K. Assuming you have a $500K bond, they will cover 1/2 of the bondsman fee.

One of the good things about KY is that it is not a premium. As long as you comply with the bond conditions, you get your money back, that is not true of a bondsman premium.

FLP also assigns an attorney, you have no choice.

They do have a red flag amendment providing representation for the hearing which is interesting. Something USCCA might want to consider putting something like this in writing @Dawn!

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They do, however in most states if a restraining order is granted you lose your firearms anyway right? I dont think those red flag laws are are used all that often as people think…could be wrong though.

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A lot of states are just getting red flag laws in place (or are trying) so we’ve yet to see how they’ll be used. Some states with new laws are working the heck out of them.


Didn’t know that… good to know


And unfortunately killing citizens in their homes.