How Does USCCA Work?

In a nutshell, minus ALL of the legal gibberish, how does USCCA really work if someone is involved in a self defense shooting?

  1. You call and they get an attorney for you, while you are (most likely) taken into custody while the authorities get things together. Is this correct?

  2. Who pays for this attorney? Who pays court costs?
    So, do you have to pay for the attorney, court costs, etc., until you are found either not charged, or found innocent through trial? Then USCCA will reimburse your expenses?


Does USCCA pay the attorney fees and court costs and you do not have to pay out of pocket?



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iirc correctly, this video answers some questions. Comments are worth looking at as well.

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Thanks for asking, Stan. This is a wonderful question!

The USCCA has purchased an insurance policy that provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance. The USCCA members are additional insureds on a self-defense liability insurance with a $2 million annual liability insurance limit, applicable to compensatory damages, and “No Limit” on defense expenses incurred in the defense of a civil or criminal proceeding or investigation (paid in addition to the limit of liability for covered occurrences). There is also up to $100,000 available for bail bond expenses and up to $10,000 available for “Incidental Expenses.”

If you were to be involved in a self-defense incident and contacted the USCCA critical response team, they would be able to facilitate an attorney referral from one of the USCCA Network attorneys. The Critical response team would also be able to facilitate bail bond funding if that were to be needed.

The Self Defense Liability Insurance is not a reimbursement program and payment would be made upfront until the limits of the policy are met, or until payments are suspended for reasons that are outlined in the Self Defense Liability Policy.


Thank you for the response. That is what I was looking to learn.

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IIRC the incident must be one of SELF-defense…

although not sure about the defense of someone you believe to be an innocent under attack…???