US Air Force Airman Fatally Shot by Police

We will see how this story develops. So far, one lesson is not to open the door for police officer holding a gun.


It does raise a really good question:
I can have a loaded gun inside of my residence. I can have that gun in my hand inside of my house. I don’t “have” to answer the door for anyone. SO, if the Police knock, then bust the door down, see me with a gun in my hand, I haven’t broken any laws. Can they legally shoot me because they are afraid?


No, but they will shoot you because they are afraid and it happens all the time. We’ve had other discussions on here about people being wrongly shot for simply holding a gun down low at their sides, including one guy who was shot through the window of his home. Again, that was a cop pounding on the wrong door.

I totally understand the airman having a gun. I know the sheriff’s office in this case keeps pointing to the fact that the deputy did announce he was sheriff, but there’s nothing from stopping a criminal doing the same thing. If I don’t expect the cops, and I hear a loud banging on my door with someone yelling sheriff, I’m not going to believe it without verification.

This was a bad shooting from what I’ve seen released to the news, and I feel so sorry for that airman’s family. I always remind my wife, If you need to check out something like a knock on the door, or even sounds outside, have your gun, but have it out of sight at all times. You could get shot right through the window.


Rule #2 If in doubt refer to rule # 1

Uniforms, I.D.’s, blood dripping from your eyes, flames shooting from your ears, my door never opens. Unless I’m going to the grocery, doctors or mail. If there’s anything in front of that door that I didn’t specifically invite, it stays closed and locked! No f’s and’s or bullets.
That was a bad shoot!

I’ll have to add one more thing, he didn’t shoot because he was black, he shot because he saw the gun. Which was in a downward position and not a threat. I’m sure upon opening the door had the officer shouted with an order to drop the gun, all would have been fine.

Yes, I agree that could be any one of us. But we don’t open doors!
For security reasons I won’t disclose my protocols!
I feel really bad for this family. If this was not 2024 and the country wasn’t as stupid as it is, this would not be the tragedy we saw on that video. This is more blood on Bidens hands.
The bonehead in the White House is there to “insure domestic Tranquility”. Instead he’s created more violence in his term than any president in history!

I would add a 5th rule to firearms handling

Have to admit the alleged suspect did follow all four laws.
#5 See rule # 1 NEVER OPEN THE DOOR :exclamation:

In addition SENIOR AIRMEN Roger Fortson should never be associated with the names on the list in that article, just a personal observation!
He stood way above the likes of a Trayvon Martin, Micheal Brown and who is the Floyd guy! My bad that was the counterfeit carrying drug addict.


I think this innocent guy was SWATTED


It looked like the Deputy Sherrif was standing out of view from the peep hole. He did announce once but who knows if anyone inside heard exactly what he said.
Unless I am expecting someone who I have text me when they arrive, I do not answer my door. If it’s someone I know, they will text & ask me where I am. I recently installed a ring doorbell so it pretty clear if it’s someone I know or not


I can understand not standing in front of the door [shot can go threw the door] but the deputy was ‘‘over zealous’’ in his actions

BTW don’t try kicking my door down , you will just break your ankle :grin:


I don’t pay much attention to cake, unless it’s chocolate and sitting in front of me! So, it’s either birthday or anniversary.
Wish you both.
Sorta like shooting, if I think I’m going miss the first shot, I immediately follow up with the second!
I have a 50/50 chance here, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :exclamation:


Happy Anniversary good sir!

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If it’s a slice of cake, it’s the anniversary. Full cake is the birthday. Just Army helping the Navy. Quite a switch I know. Lol

From a rotor head to a bubble head.


If it’s the sheriff pounding at unusual hours, call 911 and have them confirm it’s the sheriff via the radio. Otherwise give a warning yourself that you’re armed and don’t be directly behind or inline with the door. Seek cover and concealment.


Man I wish my wife would let me change out the 1910 era front door that is half glass. There is so much I have to do now to just bring the house up to modern standards in every other way.

Why would the police knock your door down?

There is a huge chasm between opening your door with a gun in your hand (everybody please stop doing that) and having police knock your door down

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People need to stop doing that

Do not open the door with a gun in your hand

We have also seen examples of homeowners literally raising the gun up towards police after opening the door…you should get shot for that.

Don’t do that.


Massood has most likely forgotten more about firearms and self defense than I will ever know. With that said I don’t always agree with what he teaches. If you find value in what he says you could find a lot worse instruction.


“police knock your door down” it was a metaphor my friend a metaphor.


That is the part I was asking about.

The answer to your question of “can they legally shoot me” would, in my non lawyer opinion, seem to rest on the answer to the question “why did they bust your door down?”

The police breaking into your home is a rather different scenario than answering the door by opening it with a gun in your hand.

Or shooting you through the window when they look in and see you with a firearm? Or am I being as picky as you in the dissection of a rather broad subject?


Lots of times I believe Nathan just likes to push peoples buttons. I mostly ignore him but now and again I forget but soon remember why.


Communication is key here. Vocal and visual. YES, you have a right to have a gun in your house and to be carrying it. Answering a door with a gun tells me you should not answer the door in the first place. Have you seen the video with the thugs saying that they were the police? Then having the gun visible to the person outside the door and having it at the ready,. not good either! Have it on you and have it ready but do not let them see it.

  1. Know who is at your door before answering it.
  2. If you do not know them personally, do not open your door.