Video: Police lawfully defend themselves from armed homeowner in Farmington

In case the video gets lost at the end of a long thread, here is the video.

Instead of just rehashing old discussions before we had the video, let’s start fresh here with this video:


If you act like you are about to murder police officers for knocking on your door and standing in your yard, you are probably going to get shot

Here is how he answered the door. Opening it and immediately pointing his gun at the officers, who were in full uniform, and had announced that they were police 3 separate times


That is not the way a person should answer a door when the police are knocking. A tragedy that could have been avoided. He exited his home so fast the police never had a chance to take cover, it’s like he rushed out the door. What was that all about?


I don’t know but I’m just glad it wasn’t a random innocent person, wrong address pizza delivery, someone looking for a lost dog, etc, it really looks like he was on a mission to murder whomever it was that had knocked on his door.


I caught the fact it was the wrong house they came too, and the homeowner came out pointing a gun but what the heck happened when the women came out? Did she have a gun too?
Do not open door if you do not know who is knocking on your door! Have them identify themselves and if it is your drunk neighbor, you can at least help him get home. If it is someone you do not know then call 9-1-1 and have the LEO shoot them! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


From Police initial report:

After the initial shooting, Mr. Dotson’s wife, also armed with a handgun, fired from the doorway of the residence. Once again, officer(s) fired. Once she realized that the individuals outside the residence were officers, she put the gun down and complied with the officer’s commands.

Mr. Dotson suffered fatal injuries as a result of the shooting and was pronounced deceased at the scene by the Office of the Medical Investigator. Mrs. Dotson, who was uninjured, has not been charged with a crime.


Said it on the other thread and like johnyq said don’t answer the door and point a gun at the cops. It will not turn out good.


That’s why you first throw a flash bang, before coming out with a gun.


It may not have been the address the cops meant to visit, but something tells me it was the right house for cops’ attention. Did they check the basement for meth lab? Car trunks for bodies?


If the police show up someone must be guilty?

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No, it is the reaction to police knocking on the door


I think it has more to do with the person ready to shoot the police who came to his house.
One has to wonder why he thought they were there, that he was ready to start a fire fight.

I’m willing to accept the possibility that he was just a moron. But it seems as likely that he thought “Oh no, they found me!”


Tell me you’re just being facetious? Otherwise, where is the wise and prudent training value in a statement or action such as you have suggested?

Thanks for posting this @Nathan57 . :+1:


You can find multiple videos online from doorbell cameras of home invaders claiming to be cops in the middle of the night. Therefore, it makes sense to be cautious, arming yourself and acting to confirm identity before opening the door. You can confirm identity by calling out to see uniforms and badges (need a camera or surreptitious window view), and calling 911 for them to say yes, those are police.

However, it is monumentally stupid to open the door with gun in hand in this situation, no matter whether they really are police or are miscreants attacking the house. In either case, you are about to get into a gun fight while fully exposed.

For a reminder, watch Mas Ayoob’s videos, Don’t answer the door and How to answer the door at 3:00 a.m.


In the middle of the night, anyone who comes to my front door claiming to be cops would be told they need to wait while I call dispatch for confirmation.


XD it was a joke.


No flash bang. You would still get shot