Urban Carry Holsters

Anyone have experience with Urban Carry Holsters?

I bought one for my Glock 30 using their search to decide which one to buy. The one that they identified as being appropriate for a Glock 30, simply does not work. I have adjusted the retention screws, conditioned and saddle soaped it, slept on it under my mattress in different places both with my Glock in it and without, and even used a leather stretcher on it. But it will not engage the trigger guard.

I like the idea of the holster, as it takes my gun off my waist and let’s it ride behind my front pocket. Which makes concealment easier. But I can not get it to engage the trigger guard.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t think I can get a refund as I have thoroughly conditioned it.


I’ve never bought Urban Carry Holster… actually all leather holster are almost the same. I’ve got leather for 1911… but only because 1911 deserves such holster.
For EDC it doesn’t work for me. I came through all kind of holsters for my EDC and ended up with Kydex/boltaron, finished with leather (hard shell with nice leather to protect the firearm).
They work out of the box (no needs for stretch or other adjustment)
There are two companies I know who make these:

  • Tucker Gun Leather (Deep Carry Holsters)
  • JM4 Tactical (Relic Holsters)

You can try, won’t be disappointed.


@Zavier_D I had one a year or so ago and returned it. It was a pile of junk. The idea is good and I guess they’re trying but it’s junk in my view. Not much else to say about it.
@Jerzy Told you about JM4 That’s a bell ringer, it’s good.
Enough said, you’ll probably get 50 more replies Zavier good luck :thinking:


Thank you both. I will look up the 2 holsters.


@Zavier_D. I know it’s tough to find the perfect holster, and probably you will end up with few before finding THE ONE…
Here you have few pictures of my Tucker’s Deep Carry DC-2 Paddle, so you will have some idea, how does it look.

  1. made from boltaron (you can choose the color), great hard case

  2. nice leather inside, no wear marks on the firearm at all

  3. perfect fit, you can adjust retention

  4. slim design

  5. what else I can telll… (OMG… I feel like Tucker’s seller on commission :grin:)


Not related to your Urban carry, but if you are looking at “normal” leather holsters, I’ve been very happy with my Kramer leather holsters in horsehide. Much more rigid and secure than my cowhide Desantis. I’m waiting on a Galco Fletch to see if it is a competitive option. It took almost 3 months to get my last Kramer OWB holster. I haven’t tried their cowhide but figured if I’m going to wait 2+ months I might as well get the one in horsehide.



I really like my Kydex holster but it doesn’t have any retention other than friction. After reading alot here about CQB and fighting for retention of your firearm I wanted to get a holster that had a bit more retention and the Urban Carry holster looked like it did what I was wanting.

Thank you for the assist, especially the pictures.


@Zavier_D, if you are looking for next lever security, these don’t have anything more than friction retention.


Has any tried this urban carry holster, deep conceal. just wondering if it is junk or don’t work to good ?.

I have one for my Glock 30. I have done pretty much everything I can to it and I have it sitting in my junk holster box.

  1. It wouldn’t engage the trigger guard
  2. When I sat down or walked around with the holster and gun on it, even if I had nothing in the pocket, it looked like I was carrying a 80’s era cell phone.
  3. The magnet at the top to close and be part of what you grabbed wouldn’t meet up right.

So I threw it in my waste of time and space holster box.

Note from Mrs. Zavier: When he wore it out to a store it made him look like he was shoplifting.

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Thanks, I’ll mark that one off as junk. @Zavier_D

Nice p01!

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