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I am sorry, did I get this correctly? They interviewed gang ban…, excuse me, yoooths, primarily ethnic, and classified them in 4 groups, according to types of criminal beha… excuse me, use of gun. The author also concluded aggressive policing wont convince these yoooths to stop banging, excuse me, carrying.

What about aggressive policing, combined with construction of giant prisons, like the one in El Salvador they recently showed?
I also want to inquire the opinion of renowned expert on NYC yoooths, Paul Kersey


How about bringing back the death penalty for career crimnals, drug dealers, human trafficking, or violent crimes. That would quickly thin the herd and not burden tax payers with funding lengthy prison terms which no longer seems to be a deterrent. It would quickly reduce the repeat offender crime rate and the victimization of law abiding citizens. Horse thieves and cattle rustlers were either shot or hung. Bounties were issued for criminals, either dead or alive. Somehow we have allowed criminals to victimize over and over, bled billions of tax dollars on incarceration, and proven these liberal policies are a failure that puts honest citizens at risk. Felons don’t care about the laws and statistics are pretty clear on who’s committing the crimes.


I hate the way that article is written and positioned- it makes no distinction at all between legal carriers and criminals. We all know why criminals carry weapons- because they’re committing crimes and need protection from the people they’re committing crimes against! Duh!

I’d be really interested in some studies and information about LEGAL carriers in the inner city. As many thugs, drug dealers and thieves as there are out there in all the big cities, there are still a ton of good, law abiding people just trying to keep safe and get by while they go to work. Those are the folks that the Pro2A people should be looking at, and seeing what the firearms community can do to help them be legal, get training and licensed, be safe, and be protected against the criminals that study was looking at.


For me, this article just reaffirms my belief that the US needs to have a Devil’s Island again. Drop them off, drop food food from a helo once a week, have the Coast Guard patrol it and machine gun any attempting to escape.


Eliminates repeat offenders pronto!


My research tells me this is not an effective deterrent

It might not be an effective deterrent but it will take a day or two to find a replacement. I’m good with any disruption in the drug trade no matter how short.


Public, televised executions, same day might be a deterrent but would never happen. Something about due process and their rights even though they are killing people however they want.
The Running Man maybe?





  1. The repeating of or returning to criminal behavior by the same offender or type of offender.
  2. Relapse into crime; the conduct or condition of a recidivist.
  3. The state or quality of being recidivous; relapse.

What constitutes “effective”?

I would argue that putting a person to death would certainly be an effective deterrent to the persons’ continued offenses.


Look at the number of capital crimes.

Look at the number of crimes committed.

Putting someone to death instead of putting them in prison will not have a quantifiable effect on violent crime rates

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No statistical or quantifiable benefit, as in, that variable has no discernible impact on the whole

Related: When antis say blood will run in the streets and every horn honk will turn into a shootout if concealed carry is allowed, we point to states that already have concealed carry and say “show me”

Point to states that have capital punishment and “show me” where it is a deterrent to capital crimes. 'cause I can’t see it and haven’t been able to find it even when researching it in depth for a purpose

Yes, something about the Constitution and our Rights and Liberties does kind of get in the way of that


Maybe the statistics don’t bear it out because we haven’t carried out the death penalty often enough in the past. The number of capital crimes carried out resulting in the death penalty is pretty low compared with the number of capital crimes committed that didn’t result in the death penalty. In many cases, the convicted died in prison waiting for the death penalty to be carried out, so those can’t reasonably be counted. (Sentence was effectively reduced to life in prison.)

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Yes, that is a factor.

Putting a person to death is a high standard. When people talk about public executions same day for an alleged crime, I think of the Patriots around about 1775ish that would have been summarily hanged for Treason same day publicly and wonder if we are going in the Right direction here.

Putting a person to death should be a situation in which no stone is left unturned. We know innocent people have literally been sentenced to death already, we know the prosecutorial system is not perfect (…), I don’t see why we should be hasty to summarily execute people…or why we would or should trust the government to only do this to the people ‘we’ think they should do it to…or why it’s okay if it’s only done to the right people…

Was it first degree murder of a child…or was it justified self defense? Seen cases argued as both by different people…

…In other words…be careful what you wish for


Would you get behind the death penalty for repeat offenders of capital crimes?

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What crimes?

I would get behind those convicted of a capital crime (assuming it’s what I think of as a capital crime) not being put back on the street to commit another capital crime. It costs less money to keep them in prison and recidivism that the public cares about (crimes against the public) is 0 when they stay incarcerated

But I didn’t get into this to get into what I could stand behind, so much as to say, capital punishment doesn’t have a noticeable effect on crime rates


Multiple murders, manslaughters, rapes, arsons, child traffickings, combinations of these.

Agree we have have to remain innocent until proven guilty. No same day executions.

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Are there people convicted of multiple murders who are released from prison?

Multiple of those…depends. Arson is a pretty big category for example. Manslaughter is also. Murder and child trafficking seem like things that with multiple convictions you aren’t getting out, capital punishment or not

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