Unwanted Topics?

One feature that I can classify as a UPITA (“YEWPEETA”) here in Ohio is a never-ending cycle of nasty winters. Does anyone want book and film suggestions for times when it’s so bad that you think you’ve lost your will to live? Or am I just another nostalgia-driven crackpot? I have some ideas that might surprise you. FYI - Kurt17

Haha I’ll just let that ride

THX - I haven’t gotten any yays or nays - I need to keep my mind active, or lie around here like some old dog, waiting to be put down. Kurt17

Nothing wrong with old dogs. Sad to see them go. Don’t look to see the robin weep. So john wick is ok 1st one.2nd one could be worse. 3rd hahaha. Good for a couple of hours anyway. Hate winter. Wisc.

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In my (looong) experience, there is never any other kind.


Correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t you a sunshine state fella. I know sometimes the oranges get chilled but a real winter?

@David-65 - me? Yeah, Florida since 2011. WI and MN 1957-2011…


This has come from northeastern Ohio, 36 miles south-southeast of Cleveland, Kurt17

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Whiners! Go to the beech on Lake Superior at Marquette MI. in January and February and catch a frozen wave. :cold_face:


Touche - well played - I remember a bad winter when I was stationed in Norfolk, VA - waves coming over the pier where we were moored actually froze all the cars parked there to the steel rail lining it, and the ice was so thick that it had to be chipped. In 1977, we had a freak Alberta “clipper” bound for Buffalo drop 65" on us.- I decided to move to SC as soon as I could. FYI - Kurt 17


You’re right Bruce tell them to suck it up!!!


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Believe it or not before all the Covid fun, I was about to get a offer for work in Madison WI!