Unusual Win. Lever-actions

One rifle was made for the Argentine Army, with a 3-band musket-length barrel and a reversible socket bayonet. The other was fully-engraved, gold-plated, and furnished with a solid ivory stock and fore-end, and given to King Leopold of Austria as a gift. Don’t know the value of the army musket, but the appraised value of the other was $75K at the time.

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No offense, but a post like that without pictures… :slightly_frowning_face:

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I don’t think they were Winchester lever action rifles.

Pics would help. Pics I could find weren’t Winchester or level actions…

Argentine Model 1879 Rolling Block 3-band rifle, 11mm caliber, 36” barrel:

The only Leupold I could find as emporer of Austria ruled from 1790-1792… I don’t think Winchester lever actions existed back then.

I did come across this interesting Winchester lever action that Francis Joseph of Austria gifted to the Texas Rangers (scrimshaw ivory stock). Maybe this is what you were referring to:

I also came across a cool little article about this 100 year old, 14" 1892, 44-40:
Classic Winchester SBR South of the Border

My gun dealer in SC collected old Winchesters, and had an Argentine lever-action mounted high on his shop wall - I looked it up under Argentine army lever-actions - the pic you sent has a sword bayonet - the rifle I described had a socket/spike bayonet mounted in its reversed position. I had my kings wrong, but the lever-action I described had fully-etched metal, gold plating, and no etchings on its solid ivory stock and forend - this was shown in The Blue Book of Gun Values. The last looks like a “Trapper” model Winchester carbine.