U-Notch or Square Notch rear sight?

I have always used the square notch, but I accidentally had U notch sights put on my gun. They weren’t cheap, so they’re staying put. I’m accurate with them as well. Actually looking forward to trying them out. What are y’all’s preferences?

Are you talking about the sights that come on the SA Hellcat?image

I have these on my G30sf
image The single notch and big dot line up pretty quick for acquisition.
These on my G19.

the rear stays pretty dark in the daylight with the front sight being very visible, the rear is notched so you can rack the slide on a surface or belt.


I thought the U notch would help to pickup front sight faster when I changed sights at my M&P. Actually it looked nice… but for sight alignment it didn’t change anything.
I care more about front sight style than rear one.
I keep Square Notch at all other handguns.
So I’m ok with both U and Square.


These are the ones I bought on accident. Though I’ll try them out. I’ve got TRUGLO’s fancy pants sights on a Shield and I like those more so far, but I’m going to play with these some. I saw no issue with accuracy with them, and they may actually help with picking up that front sight faster :man_shrugging:t2:.

TRUGLO Tritium Pro Glow-in-The-Dark Handgun Night Sights for Smith & Wesson Pistol


I’ve had those on a Walther PPQ, they are great!:+1:

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These were on my list…I spent almost 30 minutes at LGS comparing them with Trijicon HD sights… and Trijicon won :slightly_smiling_face:


Doesnt matter, depends on the front sight.


No preference, as I tend to focus on the front sight.


I accidentally stumbled onto gold.

I love the rear U notch. Would have never have bought it on purpose, but it is much better for sight acquisition for me. There’s just more space to find and keep focus on the front sight.

For absolute speed shooting I like the U notch but for squeezing every bit of accuracy out of an iron sighted pistol I found through tens of thousands of rounds of testing that I am more accurate with square notch sights. My preferred sights for carry and competition are fiber optic sights.

I use Frank Proctors Way of the Gun sights on my standard pistols and Dawson Precision sights on my Dot pistols.