Two of the USCCA Community’s Own Shine in NPR Article

A huge shout out and thank you to @Zee and @45IPAC for sharing their stories with NPR.


:blush: :grin: it was nice to talk with someone in the press who wasn’t trying to turn our words inside out. Pretty fun to see @45IPAC in there too!


Congratulations. Great article.


It was nice to get to tell “my side” without having it spun into a false narrative. Thanks @Dawn. And glad I could help represent other likeminded people with @Zee.


Great article and actually quite surprising coming from NPR.


I was a little leery because it’s NPR … but I was assured that the USCCA has had positive dealings with this reporter before, and took a chance on that :grimacing:

Turned out satisfactorily I think - no anti- anything, and while our interviews got reduced down to minimalist stuff (lots of things I said about training, preparation, taking responsibility for ones own protection didn’t make the cut) the overall result is positive, and I’ll take that :smiley:

Fun to see @45IPAC in there too.

I did notice that @45IPAC got the tough-guy quotes, and I got the romance :wink: :thinking: :woman_shrugging:


I agree @Zee. I talked more about choosing the USCCA because of the “extras” like training, emphasis on awareness and safety, and Tim’s own statements on our right to self defense, than just the legal assistance. But, all in all, I didn’t feel I was being portrayed in a negative fashion. Maybe, @Zee, you got those quotes because your just nicer than me.:man_shrugging:


I’m not bothered by holding down the romance end of the conversation, seeing as its all on a positive note. I got credit for plenty of firearms experience and competition too. I know when I look in the mirror, I see a tough-guy kind of a sheepdog protector, but I suspect when other folks look at me they see somebody’s nice grandma :laughing:

And it is true that my hubby and I had our first date at a shooting competition… so yeah, I’m ok with the romance.

I’m liking the tough-guy quotes from you @45IPAC - they’re 100% in the protection zone, and I didn’t read any subterranean bias at all.