Tucker Carlson Foresees a Mass Casualty EMP Attack

Tucker Carlson Foresees a Mass Casualty EMP Attack in The United States as a Very Likely Outcome if we go to War with Iran “It’s better to be in a place, where this is my place and I’m defending it with these firearms until things calm down. “Like when electricity is restored after the EMP attack…, because that’s what’s going to happen.” • You don’t want to travel. • You want to have a place to stand your ground. • Have Guns and ammo • Dams will gonna fail • Money will be useless • Everything will fall apart • Phones won’t work • No oil through the pipelines • No airlines • No food deliveries • No Water “If you’ve put everything online, because the people who run our country are so stupid that they’ve actually done that, you’re so vulnerable that it’s unbelievable. You’re using Chinese servers and switchers, and at that point, you don’t need to drop a nuke on anybody— you just scramble the circuits. Why would they bother to throw a missile at the United States, across the ocean, when they could unplug the country? Then you have mass casualties, and mass chaos. People are not prepared for this. They haven’t thought it through. Our leaders have not prepared them for it all.“ https://rumble.com/v3trsh1-tucker-carlson-believes-there-will-be-an-emp-attack-on-the-united-states.html…


I think it would be far more likely that Iran uses a computer virus or a few people with rifles taking out transformers to take down our grid than an EMP. We gave them the stuxnet virus years ago when we attacked their nuclear program and it would be easy to modify it to take down our antiquated and mostly unprotected power grid.

If the grid does go down then defending a home on your own or even with a few neighbors would be very difficult. It wouldn’t take long for gangs to form and start going door to door for food and other resources. Even friends and neighbors can’t be trusted when their kids start going hungry.


I can’t help but want to ask people for lottery numbers when they state such extraordinary events will happen. Just, being honest

Not that it’s impossible or anything but

But it’s good to have general preps. Food, water, ability to make water potable, defense, first aid, comms, soap, ATF (literally those items lol), but most importantly, good friends/neighbors


" easy to modify it to take down our antiquated and mostly unprotected power grid."
That isn’t correct sir. I have direct knowledge of this area of responsibility and can tell you this is not the case.

The grid is far more vulnerable to peak demands and lack of generation. Our public policy has already addressed the imbalance of generation vs demand. In order to ensure reliable power delivery, for example, we have decided to:

  1. Add more electric vehicle load on the grid.
  2. Ban the use of nat gas appliances in favor of adding more load to the grid.
  3. Reduce or eliminate generating capacity by shuttering fossil fueled power stations.
  4. Make the process for licensing (zero carbon emission) nuclear power very onerous and expensive.
  5. Divert public money to encourage wind and solar generation, which has no hope of filling the gap in generation left by points 3 and 4 above.

So, am I worried about Iran?
P.S Tucker Carlson is an idiot.


It is possible my sources are wrong on the threat of computer viruses abilities to take down the power grid though this threat has been documented for over a decade by a variety of sources. Perhaps they have resolved that threat in the past couple years?But my understanding was there are viruses already in place and they can not be removed without spending billions to upgrade the systems and taking big sections off line for significant amounts of time.

I do know for a fact though that the grid is very susceptible to a few people with high power rifles shooting out the right transformers at the right time. Due in large part to the problems you point out which allow a few glitches to cascade into an all out failure. At least that is what has been told to me by people who should well know the potential of this happening as well as seeing with my own eyes the the very insufficient though costly steps being taken to try and prevent this threat.

But I would not count out foreign actors as a high potential threat. It would take little effort on their part and the impact would be potentially catastrophic for US. It makes far more sense for a minor or even major foreign power to take out the grid causing our military to get bogged down in trying to keep starving US citizens from killing each other for scraps of food than to try and take on our military directly. If done correctly they could even pass off the blame onto another country so that any retaliation we do conduct gets directed away from the true culprit.


I think this is key. Lone wolf preppers or even small groups would have an hard time holding onto their supplies. But ideally the good friends and neighbors would also have a good stock of the items you listed. Unless you are fortunate enough to have enough to share with all of them. In either case it would likely become known at some point by those without that you and/or your neighborhood might be a good source for those items.

I don’t know what the odds are of something like this happening. I suspect given current geopolitical events and the complete fragility of our infrastructure that the chances of it happening are at least a little better than any one of us here winning the lottery. Which is why I spend a lot more on keeping the pantry full than on lottery tickets. A pantry stocked during times of plenty also serves as good protection against the much smaller scale and more likely disasters. It even makes a good cushion to lower the impact of inflation. Unless you wait till the problems start to start stocking up.


By design. Our leaders have their bunkers and top notch security.


You seem to be well informed about the current state of the power grid in general. Without going into a deep dive on this forum, the 2015-2016 power grid attacks in Ukraine was a big wake up call to NERC and scared the FERC into action.


Look My Brothers and Sisters it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see
even with the most closed eyes that when you start killing off most means of
Energy production and start flapping your gums on THE NEXT BIG THING (Electric-
everything in this instance) yet don’t lift a manicured finger on it’s Infrastructure
to note this is either a phucked, ill conceived plan or a CT plot to hurt us.
When you give away our oil reserves, Money, Military equipment and truly weaken us
(then start Wars with everybody you can) Something is a foot here.
Then they have to cow-tow to the Oil giants to keep the lights on Tucker doesn’t seem to be
the idiot in the room.

It’s difficult when you try to defend yourself when you are in the dark, out numbered, Cold
(Winter IS coming) Tired, stressed , hungry and Anxious…



A lot of my work lately is indirectly related to energy infrastructure repair and construction so I get to work with a lot of folks in that field.

I’m glad to hear they are working on the virus problem. There still seems to be a long way to go on hardening the infrastructure out here.


Back in 07 - 08 I got a Rand white paper on my desk relating to an EMP attack. The part that sticks out in my head was that in the first 7 days there would be 30% of the population would die. No AC, no refrigeration, hospital population etc. After 30 days 50% of the population would be dead due to disease, starvation, and unrest. After 60 days it would be down to 30% of the population and that number remained fairly constant for the next year.

An EMP is quite possibly the most destructive thing that could happen to the US and it’s not even hard to do.




EMP…Now’s a good time to rewatch Jericho.
We’re all merely speculating, making wild and/or intelligent guesses so I’ll get an assist from this show.
-isolated from the outside world due to broken communication systems
-no idea if America as we know it still exists
-challenging local authorities
-bullies with guns
-opportunists with firepower


Biden is trying to one-up the EMP.


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I know this was wargamed back in the 80’s. As in, I personally know. It took 12, 2 man teams to drop the entirety of the electrical grid of the United States. I assume that the Government built in some redundancy to make it more difficult. But I know it’s been looked at.


In my experience, power plants in the Midwest are more vulnerable to floods along the Missouri and Mississippi than an EMP event predicted by some idiot like Tucker Carlson. The nuclear plants in Nebraska, for example, are located near the Missouri river and coal plants often have railroad spurs over flood zones. But, that’s why power providers connect to grid, like the Southwest Power Pool (except for Texas, which thinks it does better by having a tiny state-specific power grid).

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don’t assume the government took care of anything it’ll make an ass of you


Most of the substations I see being built these days now have fairly thick solid walls instead of chain link fences. But there are still a lot of the older stations without the walls and most of the walls I’ve seen don’t actually cover the transformers very effectively given the surrounding topography and other design deficiencies. I’d like to think the government has built in redundancy but the grid seems right at the edge of functionality even when someone isn’t throwing a monkey wrench into the system. Hopefully they have at least developed better detection and shut down systems so they could limit the impact to smaller regions instead of loosing the whole grid. But based on the maintenance backlogs all over the place I’m not sure how much modernization is being done.


The “grid” (there are several in the US) is not run or managed by governments, but a loose collaboration of interconnected power companies (investor owned, co-ops, municipalities, generators, government hydro-power companies, etc) who wheel power through the grid.


True but there is government oversight over those companies. Companies are usually reluctant to take expensive defensive action on their own against outside threats unless they are mandated to do so by regulators or paid to do so by the government.