Home Defense vs. Zombie Apocalypse

I recently read a statement by a guy who had a home defense plan that, to my mind, sounded a little more like a zombie apocalypse plan. He had at least five guns with at least half a dozen magazines for each filled and ready to go, several thousand rounds of ammunition handy, and a safe room. His idea was that, in the event of a home invasion, he would round up his family, get everyone into the safe room, and keep the intruders at bay using the guns he had available, while his family helped him reload the magazines he had already used.

Now pause and think about that for a second. This isn’t the 1720s, it’s the 2020s. If one is using modern weapons, needing your family to reload that many magazines means you’re firing a lot of bullets. And if the enemy is still coming, they’re beyond dedicated, they’re inhuman — or you’re a terrible shot. (In which case you just killed your neighbors.) The gentleman’s plan was beyond paranoid. Are you really going to have enough time to gather everyone, and is the defense really going to require hundreds, if not thousands, of bullets?

But, he also had some good points, like making sure you have enough magazines (and keeping them loaded) in case you need to use more than one. So my question is, how does one plan to defend their home and family adequately without going into a completely unrealistic zombie apocalypse mode?


Dang, he must live in a tough neighborhood… or a fantasy world.

One gun on my hip or nightstand, Tac14 with 00buck nearby and an alarm system.


I have to say, I’m setup in a similar fashion. Let’s put things in perspective. The weakest idiots are the ones responsible for our protection.
I stopped laughing a while ago!

I maintain 20 - 30 filled magazines for each of my firearms in every part of my home, that equates to thousands of rounds. I’m not fortunate enough to have a safe room. So I’ll be doing battle in the open. We’ve seen the damage and death that results from “peaceful” actions, just imagine if they were pissed off! Law enforcement is a thing of the past. I’m the one responsible for my families safety. In my case, my wife will not be reloading, she’ll be taking aim, communicating and squeezing the trigger!

I see a bigger picture, not so much “zombies”, but we got the cartels invading from the south and the north, the the Chinese to the east and if Brandon gives up any more of America, we will surely have Russians from the west. Not to mention the entire Middle East gearing up to wipe us off the planet, if Brandon doesn’t accomplish that on his own!

Until this fool is deposed, I’ll treat my home as if zombies, Chinese, Russian, Al-Queda, drug cartels are approaching my castle! Pre-Brandon, I never thought about “staging” a firearm in my home. Shooting was a hobby and a piece of mind. Today, our nation is the most vulnerable it’s ever been in history. Our enemies are preparing. I’m prepared as well.
Hope you’re doing the same!


I feel sorry for the son of the bitch who decides to break into his house.

Imagine breaking in, and in the bedroom you hear this song going….


So, it’s a question of what to do for home defense?

Clear lines of sight outside (no concealment while trying to get into a door or window). Exterior lighting. Locked doors and windows. Some kind of reinforcement for almost all residential doors. Good locks. Monitored alarm. A reliable firearm you are proficient with kept staged, maybe two or three staged in different places if it’s a large house (break ins don’t always and only happen at night when you are in bed). If you have a ‘safe room’, bring the firearm with you to it and/or have one staged in it. Maybe a spare mag for each, but if you have let’s say an AR type rifle with a 30 round mag, maybe one spare mag…I can’t think of any plausible home invasion scenario in CONUS for a law abiding citizen that would require even that much

I’m thinking and hoping that whoever talked about being in a running gun battle in his home while his family reloaded his spent magazines was having fun with you.


I made that joke plenty of times when I’m driving with friends, I’ll come up with a hypothetical scenario where we’re getting attacked from all over and told them as I unload a magazine, I’ll toss you it to reload, while I use my spare mags, and each mag you get done with reloading toss them back to me.

New game of Hot Potato!



  • noun: Walter Mitty; plural noun: Walter Mittys
  1. a person who fantasizes about a life much more exciting and glamorous than their own.

I’m more concerned about idiots falsely called anti-fascists.

IMO, foreigners are fair game in an invasion.
But, how do you battle fellow Americans who aren’t officially declared “domestic terrorists?”


They will be the one’s unarmed, walking infront of traffic, updating their social profile.


Families are the building blocks of civilization.
Hold your kids tight and protect them.
Everything else is a gimmick.

Well, except for maybe a 12 gauge. :thinking:



When they start coming, I’ll have this on a continuous loop…

I know they teach us to avoid…well, someone should be teaching the scum of the earth to avoid my home. I’ve avoided way too much…they want to bring it, I’m open to suggestions!

Sorry, that just slows them down and gives me time to dial and aim. Again my apologies, but this is not your daddies United States. What’s entering this country, doesn’t believe in this country, it just wants to relieve us of our resources.

Furthermore we didn’t think it plausible that visiting Americans to Mexico would be getting kidnapped and killed on a regular basis by the lower echelon of drug cartels that now have “operational control” over our southern borders! Operational control of the southern border of the United States, are we hearing ourselves? Chinese spy balloons sweeping across the nation? Americans being killed overseas, because wing ding can’t face down the enemy at the gate? Forewarned is forearmed, peace through strength! More simply stated…

If it smells like a terrorist, walks like a terrorist, burns down American neighborhoods, it’s a terrorist. Those are not “fellow Americans”! And there’s nothing “domestic” about them. They are playing the Art of War, that’s why they are winning.

That’s why we are discussing weapon staging and reloading magazines, because today it’s more real, than the days we played cops and robbers! Somebody started playing for keeps and it wasn’t me. I was happy with foul mouthed tweets and $2.00 gas. Now we have the best prospects for nuclear war and cartels who are very much more dangerous than the mafia!


I’ve got at least a thousand rounds for everything I own except the SFAR…working on that now.Its not about a large scale attack,more about shtf.In the long run should it happen ammunition will be one of the hottest commodities left.Am I paranoid… perhaps I prefer to call it READY.


Imagine living in Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago where you might be trapped in your own dwelling for days/weeks of rioting or an actual invasion like CHAZ or Occupy Wall Street…. All of a sudden it doesn’t sound so silly now does it.


I ran into a guy at the LGS, we watched a guy load up a pallet of 556. I think he put it like this. I don’t need that many rounds, I keep 1000, The way I see it, they will over run me in about 30 seconds how many rounds can I get off by then.

For me EDC + 1 mag close all of the time, AR + 2 mags passively locked. Like Enzo_T says, I live in a downtown area, These groups get big fast and they have zero manners. I’ll need to protect my doors and windows as the mob moves by.


I think the records indicate the violent crime rate is currently lower than “my daddy’s” country.

Remember, until quite recently, violent crime had been trending down for literally decades (don’t go by the media here, go by the facts).

The crime and violent crime rates are increasing, perhaps dramatically, the past few years, but, that hasn’t been enough to overcome decades of reduction.

Your home defense plan is absolutely your choice, if you don’t think locked doors and windows, alarms, and all that, are helpful, you are free to not include it in your layers of security (you are also free to not have layers of security).

But my answer for home defense remains the same, and it starts with things like locked doors and a monitored alarm


Outer doors are metal with dead bolts. Houses alarmed with cameras that will turn the outside lights on if you get close as well. 80 lb black mouth cur dog that will have a come to Jesus meeting with you if you don’t know her. I have a substantial armory and thousands of rounds of ammo that I don’t expect will be used but I have it. I am more concerned about home burglary type invasion then hordes.


I’ve done the numbers again and IMO crime rates are down because there are 1/3 less cops on the streets, fewer arrests are being made and, so called, “prosecutors” are not doing their jobs!

Since it’s catch and release, the same perpetrators repeat the same crime and are released and probably not reported.
Consider how the reports are made via the media, J6 was the worst disaster since Pearl Harbor and as flames are shooting up behind a reporter, it’s considered peaceful!
So as I watch hordes of animals ( or so called fellow Americans) destroy an Apple Store or demolish a Chinese restaurant, I have to think to myself. Self, is that really happening or is that normal?

Not only that, when I was playing cops and robbers, 20, 30 or 60 people never swarmed the local electronics store or candy store. Sorry, back in my day we didn’t have “big box” stores. Gee, maybe that’s the problem!
Back in my day, if you thought about robbing the local candy store or the locally family owned butcher shop, we didn’t make a report then either! The neighborhood took care of matters. Today is nothing like yesterday!

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I don’t live with a pallet of 5.56 in my living room but the OP scenario does not sound like much overkill either for certain areas/cities in this country. The only difference is that my family won’t be reloading for me they have their assigned spots to cover and everyone has their own guns/ammo.

As always my thinking is that criminals are cowards and if an Antifa crowd is trying to roll through my yard as soon as the first 5 victims of pink mist occur the rest will move (quickly) on to the neighbors place. And the fallen “comrades” will be a a strong visual deterrent to anyone passing by.

I can keep that going for days until the authorities regain control.