Tucker and Vladimir

Watch it before it’s gone. :slightly_smiling_face:


Understand Putin is extremely smart, after all he was former KGB foreign intelligence, counterpart to our CIA, he can’t talk to Biden, because Biden is a schmuck! Putins answer on the propaganda machine was spot on!
Gotta respect his candor. He didn’t have to accept the interview!
We can’t get Biden to speak normally to his own citizens!
Why do we think Putin was so open to speaking with Tucker, was it his form of propaganda :question:
For a guy at war, he seems quite reserved!
Ask Biden his favorite color and he’ll take your head off!
No wonder heads of state won’t pick up the phone when Biden calls!

I did disagree with the Chinese implications. But he made a friend with Xi Jinping instead of the US! I think that’s what Trump was working on!


I watched the whole interview. 22million views when I started, 44million views when I was done (on twitter, probably lots more elsewhere).

Even if every word Putin said was a lie, what kept going through my mind was that Joe Biden wouldn’t have been able to even stay awake that long, let alone remember questions and formulate coherent answers.

I’m sure much of what he said were lies, and there was much that was true.

Most importantly was that Tucker asked real, difficult questions and we the people got to see and hear the responses for ourselves to digest. No government or lamestream media editing or propaganda spin.

There might be hope for the world yet. Thank you Elon.


What fascinated me mostly was how coherent and crisp he was especially in the beginning when was giving a Russia history lesson going back to the year 862. He’s certainly nobody’s fool and has shown the world the difference between a powerful leader of a country and whatever it is we have here.

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@Joel97 Wondering what Biden’s story of the United States would be like if he gave a history lesson going back to the year 862. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Because of my work and interaction with people of many countries I tend to have a more varied set of perspectives communicated to me. I can tell you that regardless of rhetoric of the EU and NATO countries, Putin is widely admired by the people and many secretly and some rather overtly wish their country had a leader like him.

Putin has made himself immensely rich but has done it by creating a Russia first attitude, not just from him but from all the people in the country. Interestingly enough one question he was asked by Stone is why Russia didn’t have terrorism issues and his answer was, regardless of ethnicity or religion, we are ALL Russian FIRST!!!

This and the fact that Russia does not suffer treat dealers/users well, as that idiot Brittney Griner found out, make for a very strong society.

Joe Biden has gotten himself and his family immensely rich by treason against our country. And let’s not forget the other players like Hillary who facilitated selling most of our Uranium mines to Russia…. I wonder how much that needed the Clinton Foundation is foreign “contributions”.