Tucker Carlson: Something big is about to happen!

Take-away comment’s. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


5 days ago
I disagree Tucker the people behind all of this know exactly what they’re doing , and it has been decades in the planning .



1 day ago

I am an American living in Poland. I can report to you that there is no “lack” of anything here. The store shelves are filled, the Farmers Market is loaded with everything that anyone could need. These Polish people don’t lack for any of the necessities. They have fuel for their cars, for their homes and the economy is booming and I am in one of the smaller cities. What’s more, these people are happy. They always have lots of activities for families, etc. Poland has been able to hold back the tide of the migrant crisis because they have strong leadership who refuse to be pushed around by the bullies running the EU. Sadly, many of the EU countries did not stand up for their own citizens. Poland and Hungary said “NO WAY!!” to flooding their countries with those who do not even try to adapt but form gangs fomenting hate and violence instead. Way to go, Poland :poland:


The truth, no matter how it’s presented, is a comfort!
I miss Tucker, the voice of reason!