Private home ownership is unfair!

New reality show - Dr.Zhivago NY

(if you haven’t seen the movie – there is a scene, where this Russian Doctor comes home to find armed Communists and 13 migrant families in his house)


I guess one way tickets out of the US or alternate lodging in Riker’s Island are in order.


Our country is finished, it’s over. We had a great run!



That Obummer quote about fundamentally changing America is near completion.

The only enemy left for them to conquer is 2A and it’s behind by two scores with less than five minutes left in the game clock.


Yes, we are in a difficult, and precarious time but we shouldn’t count our country out just yet. In my opinion, all Americans need to unite as Americans put our differences aside for the time being which won’t be easy and hold true to our country’s founding principles. My concern is if we do not we stand a greater chance of this country collapsing from within. The former USSR under Nikita Khrushchev who was the Premier from 1953 to 1964 was quoted as saying “We will bury you from within.” And the USSR is no longer. That said, our “new” enemies are trying to do just that; our government (in my opinion) has been infiltrated by some Marxist beliefs and that’s the real threat. We need to remember as Americans to question everything, and also remind ourselves that we can agree to disagree in order to find an answer to this situation. Then we attend to other issues and resolve those as well. I think it was Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said, “Freedom isn’t Free.” We as Americans need to cooperate with one another because if we do not we stand to lose this country.

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