40 anniversary of Martial Law in Poland

I’m hoping you will find it interesting. Short, 4 minutes video reminding our hard route to Democracy.



I’m old enough to remember all of that.


Crazy 80’s.

I’m interested to know how Poland’s citizens feel about it now.
There are people who speak favorably of their despots who were kicked out of office in the 80’s. Romania and the Philippines, for example.


Every big turn in our history got supporters and opponents.
The same is with Martial Law - there are still people who think that was great move of Polish Government to stop Soviet’s invasion and people who claim that was the last option for Communist Government to stay in power. Where is the truth? We never find out.

How Polish citizens feel about it these days? Elders, who fought during these 2 years - they either happy (because they gave a freedom to their children) or sad (because they lost great lifestyle) - this depends which side they represented.
Old, communist Government was gone and that was great for everybody. Unfortunately new leaders were gentle and members of the old government were still allow to continue political careers.
Fortunately, these days, being a part of EU, there is no chance that communism will come back to Poland.


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