True Facts Are Always Under Attack


From the article:

In place of the range of estimates, the website now says, “Estimates of defensive gun use vary depending on the questions asked, populations studied, timeframe, and other factors related to study design.

But this applies to “gun violence” studies as much as it does to “DGU” studies. So when do we on the other side get to change the data?


After 2020-2022 CDC can hardly be considered trusted or neutral.


The CDC needs to focus on mental health, and get outta our hair!


Has the “Center for Disease Control” so completely run out of diseases to control, that they now are focused on gun control?

Maybe next, the United States Department of Agriculture can commission a study of diamonds on Mars. It makes as much sense.


I found it so blatant that it challenged my gag reflex. “We’ve got our own truth so don’t confuse us with your facts.” That’s what it says. “And since your facts puts a dent in our truth, it needs to disappear from any public discourse or display because it challenges our gun control agenda.” “Furthermore, it confuses the people, and it should just hush and dissolve, like it was never there.”

That’s my takeaway.


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