Trick your mind training (Note I simplified the targets a little)

this training helps with critical situational identification, among other things

I saw this recently on the tactical rifleman for training, easy to do alone or with friends all you need are targets a friend or personal tape recorder and earpiece and a shot time or shot timer app for your phone

essentially there are four landscape targets with a word on each red,yellow,Blue or green
there is a two inch center dot on each target with a different color (example word is yellow in the upper left corner and is in yellow and the two inch circle center is in center is red on the corresponding target words may in be red and center will be in yellow ) Blue and Green and green and blue are the same. all four targets which are on a landscape 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper are placed infront of you in a square format to shoot at.

The tape or friend issues commands such as read yellow shoot green once or sheet green, read red ,shoot blue, four times in this example you would put four rounds in each target mentioned read or shoot (read is to the word, shoot is to the center of the target
I included the link above, this is a great drill along with trigger control drills etc. take a look and comment.

PS if you want to add some fun offset the centers right ,left, high, low and center.

if outside where you can set up multiple targets you can incorporate movement with word and color calls as well as number of shots if targets are grouped in sets of four.



non simplified


@Dr_Richard Thanks for sharing. This is great.

Thx for introducing this drill.
I’m going to use it next time I’ll visit the range with my son. :+1: