Traveling within gun friendly states

Hello community, got a quick question about interpretation. I am planning a trip from Virginia to Ohio to visit family and maybe plan on bringing a ccw with me. Per 18 U.S. Code 926A the firearm is to be unloaded, locked, and separated from ammunition. Is this something that would only apply in states that don’t have reciprocity? I have checked the map and all three states I will be in for the trip (VA, WV, OH) allow concealed carry in a vehicle. Would this mean I am allowed to just wear the ccw, loaded, through the whole trip? And an additional question is a state prohibits concealed carrying in a rest stop does that mean I can’t stop at it, or would I be able to store the firearm in my vehicle, use the rest stop, and get back on the road? I am new to concealed carrying, but have tried doing research and would appreciate more interpretations on this. Than you in advance for your time and answers


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If you have reciprocity you should be good to go. As far as rest areas you should be able to secure your weapon and use the rest stop. Also check here. Have a good trip.

USCCA Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & U.S. Gun Laws | USCCA (


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I’d check the USCCA reciprocity app/web pages, and if that’s not enough info, look up the specific codes in each of the states you’ll be traveling through.

I’m lucky enough to have reciprocal/constitutional carry states to my immediate east and west, and always wear my CCW all the time. It’s not until I’m about to cross into liberal California that I stop to disarm and stow my pistol.


Welcome to the community! I would look up each state’s requirements concerning firearms before I leave. That way you know you’re legal. As others have suggested, the USCCA reciprocity map is a good resource for that info.


Go here

WV and OH both recognize a VA permit for those 21+ years old.

Not only that, but here are the “carry in vehicle” sections

“Yes, without a license for persons at least 21 years old (18 years old for members of the United States Armed Forces, Reserve or National Guard) and legally entitled to have a firearm under state and federal law.”

“Yes, You may transport a loaded concealed handgun in a motor vehicle without a CHL except for in school zones.”

No federal transportation law need apply

Good states


Make sure you are aware of the applicable statutes in each state relative to Duty to Inform, Stand Your Ground, and the Castle Doctrine.


WV allow carry in rest stops. Think I’m headed there in about a week or two, hopefully buying another house.
CT to WV… running the NY gauntlet once again, something I’m tired of doing. Probably head down to TN to see Barry54 as well.


I highly recommend the US Legal Heat app. It is what I use to check reciprocity with as well as where you can and cannot carry.


Gauntlet indeed, you risk arrest and felony charge(s) taking a handgun through NY (or NJ)


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If you have a carry permit from VA, then from a quick glance USCCA’s reciprocity map, I think you look just fine in OH and WV, but do read every word on that USCCA reciprocity map, for the three states.

OH and WV read “Carry in roadside rest areas? Yes. But, VA reads “Carry in roadside rest areas? No.

My experience only on roadside rests areas, in my humble travels, I never had to go to one, I find enough spots to take breaks between cafes, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, camps.

Err on the side of caution? I prefer concealed, grey man style, quick, or lock it up in the car if in doubt. Bring plenty of cold water, and a a large “wide mouth” empty plastic Gatorade bottle, don’t lose that darn cap.

But check your local listings. IDK. Sounds like a beautiful trip. Envious of you.


Thank you for your replies everybody, appreciate the more specified info about what that code actually applies to as well as the additional advice being given. Thankfully I very rarely stop in VA rest areas and don’t really have much need to travel through any other states so after thoroughly checking reciprocity and other state laws I should never really have any issues with carrying. Glad to be part of such a helpful community, enjoy your weekends everyone!


Welcome to the family brother @42James and God bless you.