Traveling to NY/NJ, tips on staying safe?

In a couple of weeks I am traveling to NYC and surrounding areas (possibly NJ as well). OBVIOUSLY I’m not bringing a firearm, but can anyone provide insight into laws around other defensive tools? Pepper spray, tasers, etc. Knife laws, like can I carry a pocket folder?

Any help is appreciated!

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Pepper Spray has to be bought in NY. All pepper spray sold in NY has a disclaimer about self defense.
Knives: no fixed blades allowed in the 5 boroughs (in NYC period). Blades have to be under 3" i believe and gravity/spring assisted are banned.
I can’t answer the rest unfortunately.


Head on a swivel.


LOL, that goes without saying :smiley:

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I’m afraid the best advice I have is to not go to New York or New Jersey. That sounds like it’s not a realistic option, though, so I’ll shut my mouth and let people who have something useful to say speak instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve always been fond of a 16oz ball peen hammer as well as a 36" crow bar as general car tools, some say a tire iron is handy and they are if you have police baton training (I have heard the long part can slip up a sleeve which provides several advantages and potential tools). A 3" folder is a handy pocket bit and as long as you remember that in a knife fight you are going to get cut you can carry on. Best to keep your eyes open and move with purpose or barring that (shopping) move in a manner such that you can observe things (people) that are matching your movements. If you have a partner (wife, GF, BF etc.) they are uniquely handy to take you off of your general path with sudden bursts of exuberance and a “Oh Honey LOOK!!” and lead you by the hand 90* out from where you are going. This option is available to you also just in case you think you are being stalked or “corralled”.



Personally I would go with the assault machete. Easily concealable down your pant leg. My preference is the long handle and rusted blood dried blade.
Actually traveling to either of those strong holds of major anti idiots is like a Jewish boy vacationing in Iran.
Whatever you do, don’t go. Just an opinion.
Seriously the only thing I could seriously recommend is a SureFire E2defnder flashlight on your keychain. I flew with this item no questions asked.

Yeah… I’m going for work, so…

It’s only for a few days, flying in and out. So anything I bring has to be TSA safe too. At this point TSA is probably less restrictive than NY. I’m thinking of bringing my flashlights (Olight M2R Pro & Olight S1R Baton) and a tactical pen or two. I’d like to bring a pocket knife or even a multi-tool but I don’t think they’ll go through TSA checks. Not sure if pepper spray/taser will go through TSA either so I think bringing those are non-starters too.