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I live in PA, I have a concealed carry permit in PA. I will be on vacation in NJ later this year. I have read the transportation laws regarding firearms. But nothing specifically states what I am looking for. Is it legal for me to travel to NJ and have a handgun in our condo? While traveling I will keep it locked up, unloaded and separate from the ammo.

To clarify…. I am aware of the NJ firearm transportation, mag capacity, ammo restriction laws. I do not plan to carry my firearm on my person in the state of NJ. I am wondering if it is legal to transport my firearm (handgun) 10 round mag, in a safe locked up in my truck not accessible to anyone in the vehicle, separate from ammo (not hollow points) to a condo I am renting. Once I arrive I plan to take the safe into the condo and have the firearm present in the condo. In reviewing the Nj laws they only address transportation of a firearm in the case of traveling though NJ, new purchase to home, or to and from a gun range.

Living in Nj are allowed to own a handgun in your home in NJ without having a carrying permit but I am wondering if that is also for travelers who are renting a condo, can you have a handgun in your condo, provided they don’t say no.




Welcome to the family brother @Christopher450 and we are happy to have you with us. Just a word of advice, reciprocity laws change and NJ is one state I would travel through with caution while possessing a firearm. I can travel through NJ armed due to my LEOSA status but just with a concealed carry permit from PA, I don’t know. I suggest you refer to the USCCA reciprocity map and gun laws and search NJ.


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When is it Legal to Possess a Handgun in NJ?

Ordinary, non-assault type rifles (non-military grade), and other guns are legal to purchase in New Jersey with a purchasing permit and firearms buyer identification card, which requires individuals to undergo the gun permit application process, including a background check and fingerprints, and providing certain personal identifying information to the state. Police departments also require you to consent to a mental health records check in order to qualify to own a firearm. A person in New Jersey may be able to get a gun purchaser’s permit, so long as the applicant has no criminal convictions that disqualify them from owning or possessing a weapon (certain persons), no substance addictions, no previous mental illness requiring institutionalization (unless provided with a clean bill of mental health by a licensed professional), and no physical disability that would make owning a firearm dangerous.


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NJ is a very anti self defense State. You would need to follow all the laws to the letter. Which I believe would require you to obtain a NJ Permit to Carry a Handgun.

Even if you follow all the anti self defense laws to the letter you could still find yourself arrested and forced to spend significant time and legal fees to prove your innocence.

Also hollow point ammo is illegal in NJ and they have magazine size restrictions.


I have family in NJ, my family member says he only hunts with a Bow because of the restrictions on firearms. The statues can change overnight he says.
As others in this chat have said, check the laws/statues. Check the day before you travel.


Hello and welcome to the community, sir. All jokes about vacationing in New jersey aside (although entertaining it would be :wink:), I don’t know if taking a pistol with you would be a good idea. NJ does not honor any permit from any other state and the “travel through” federal law would not cover you because you are not actively traveling though the state. @Shamrock is absolutely right - the juice just may not be worth the squeeze. I can understand why you would want to carry a pistol with you to NJ but you run the risk of unnecessary aggravation with law enforcement if you are found to be in possession of a pistol in any state of assembly or readiness. Yes, you may wind up beating any charge(s) levied against you but it will cost you time, money, aggravation, etc. just to be back where you are now. Worst case is you could wind up a felon and in jail. It’s a shame but it’s a very real possibility because of their anti-2A laws. Below is from the USCCA website and has an informative link for you. IMHO, I wouldn’t take the chance. It may be “legal” in the technical sense to carry one with you but in the practical sense, it may not be worth the risk all things considered.


Can you carry or possess a firearm on hotel property in New Jersey? New Jersey statutes don’t specifically address firearms at hotels. Please note that each hotel develops their own policies and the individual hotel should be contacted to inquire about it’s concealed carry policy. See the Handguns at Hotels page for additional information.


The best place to get the information is directly from the “horse’s mouth”. Contact the state AG’s office, either by phone or email. I did that several years or so ago when traveling to another state. I sent an email to the AG and he replied. I then followed up with a phone call as I had a few other questions in relation to his reply.

I didn’t get the answer I wanted, but the conversation was pleasant and I thanked him for speaking with me.


Before you go to NJ, read Brian Aiken’s book, The Blue Tent Sky: How the Left’s War on Guns Cost Me My Son and My Freedom (2014) for the true horror story of how NJ law enforcement will treat you if they learn that you possess a firearm.


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After reading few posts… I’m guessing you may consider changing vacation plans and go visit Texas or Florida :wink:


I have same issue with New York, going to visit my sisters later this year in Upstate NY, and will just be leaving them home.


If you bring a firearm, especially a handgun, to NJ, you risk felony arrest and prosecution


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Can I possess/carry a handgun in my home without a permit?:

Yes. New Jersey allows for anyone legally entitled to carry a firearm to keep or carry a firearm in his or her place of business, residence, or other land owned or possessed by him or her without a permit.

Can you carry or possess a firearm on hotel property in New Jersey?:

New Jersey statutes don’t specifically address firearms at hotels. Please note that each hotel develops their own policies and the individual hotel should be contacted to inquire about it’s concealed carry policy. See the Handguns at Hotels page for additional information.


This might not answer your immediate question, but if you intend to visit NJ regularly, I noticed on USCCA’s webpage, it reads that NJ allows non residents of NJ can apply for NJ carry CCL Permit.

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Traveling from PA to NJ? Hang a right at Trenton, proceed south to Texas! Enjoy life!

Heck, even the Sopranos left NJ!


That said…if you take a handgun to NJ, you do risk felony arrest and prosecution. Note that what you quoted says “anyone legally entitled to carry a firearm”. If you don’t have a carry permit issued by NJ, you aren’t entitled to carry a firearm

I just want anyone going to or through NJ to fully understand…if you bring a handgun to or through NJ, you risk felony arrest and prosecution. The same applies to NY