Traveling to Maryland

I’m planning a trip to Maryland and was doing research about bringing my firearm with me. I can find tons of information about how difficult it is to get a concealed permit or buy a handgun in the state, but nothing about just having it with me where I’m staying (locked in a travel safe). I currently have a permit from PA but I know there is no reciprocity in MD.

Leave it at home? Bring it but keep it locked up? Thoughts?


In the vehicle the firearm must be locked separately from your ammo/loaded mags, which must also be locked, separately from the firearm. I would recommend avoiding traveling with a firearm in Maryland, unless you have no other choice and are only traveling through. But even then, the federal law is only a positive defense, which means you can still be arrested, but in court the federal law is then a valid defense. It is also illegal to be just traveling with a firearm in Maryland when not going to/from a range, hunting, etc. The risk is not worth the time and money, in my opinion.


Man I tell you MD is a tough state and I suggest you research the laws carefully.

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Or go around…


Here are the laws for MD for you, @Keith61:

Here is the part about having a firearm in a hotel:

Remember, Maryland doesn’t honor any other state’s permit:

The transportation of a firearm through the state is covered under on the link above:

Hope that helps!


Thanks everyone! That helps a lot. I hadn’t planned on carrying because I knew they were seriously strict but wasn’t sure about just having it with me. Looks like I won’t be carrying then. USCCA community rocks!


RE: “go around”

I live near Philadelphia.
We are SCREWED when it comes to southern, eastern, or northern bound travel… NJ, NY, DE, and MD definitely all have sticks up their butts when it comes to PA permits, so the closest legal choice is WV… which adds 3-4 hours travel time…

Leave at home, lock properly and gas up in PA by the border and don’t stop, or (NOT recommended) risk it… those are really the only reasonable options if you live near Philadelphia and have to go south.

NEVER EVER EVER bother going to NJ with a gun… I heard from an ex-LEO from PA that he was told by a NJ State Trooper that they will THROW THE BOOK at anyone carrying, whether they have the 50-state retired LEO permit or not…
Whether it would hold up or not, I’d rather not find out…


I lived in the northern VA, and southern Maryland area for awhile when I was at Andrews AFB and boy does MD have their head up their you know what when it comes to firearms laws. Good luck is all I can say!

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