Training while I wait on my tax stamp

I am currently waiting, and waiting, and waiting, on the ATF to approve my suppressor tax stamp.
In the meantime I would like to get a jump-start on retraining my muscle memory for the extra 6" & ¾lb.
Other than putting a longer barrel on everything I may use it on, does anyone have any suggestions?
I’d prefer not to get some Idjit trap fuel filter and risk it being taken the wrong way. Most of the fake/ slip on suppressors I see online are not to be shot through.
The range/ FFL completing the transfer doesn’t offer tactical training options but I will have the opportunity for those this summer and would like to make the most of it.


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Congrats on your future can. Are you going to carry it? I think you are going to need a 6" or so lower holster, so thigh rig? Open carry or concealed?

With how things are now, I would just wait until it comes in, I just don’t see any good getting a simulated can. Curious what gun you are putting it on.

I feel your pain Brother! I am waiting too! But I figure if it all goes accordingly, I will not get till about Christmas time! Merry Christmas!

It’s a .223/5.56 so not really for concealed. Although it would work on a 22LR pistol…
My intended uses are home and self defense, varminting / predator control at a rural property.
About the only thing the various You Tube “experts” agree on is not wanting to fumble around for ear pro in a “bump in the night” scenario.

Oil filter :grin:

If you are anywhere near a fishing store go get you some lead sinkers (6 lbs worth to be exact).

Warning: Lead is exceedingly poisonous and creates fumes when melting that can kill you. Read first, melt later.

Make a couple aluminum foil trays to turn your sinkers into lead “flats”. Sinker, long vice grips and a torch, combine over the tray and melt. Seal the lead up in duct tape and then tape said flats to the fore arm of you various bang sticks. Poof you added 6 lbs to your stick. Is it exact? No. If you need the extra length on the front of the gun you can buy “fake suppressors” that screw on the front of the gun for the length increase. DO NOT add the lead to the inside or the outside of the fake can, not for legal reasons but just because the lead will melt.



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The oil filter is awfully wide for an accurate simulator. Not to mention it would violate the spirit of my “don’t violate the spirit” rule.
The fishing weights would be a lot of work but it’s not like I’m pressed for time. I have a solder pot from another hobby, & could probably get some non-lead weights from a scuba shop to cut down on toxicity.

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As long as you don’t ingest or inhale the lead you should be fine. So even lead weights from the dive shop or elsewhere would work well.

But lead is sooo tasty!
The main firearm I’ll be using the suppressor with has a 10" barrel & binary trigger. The few times I’ve taken the actual one for a dance even that got too hot to handle w/o gloves. Lead’s melting point is barely 20% of titanium so I’d prefer to play it safe.

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