Training to Music?

I am not musically inclined at all - no rhythm what so ever. My children are all very talented musically and play a variety of instruments, so Beth’s latest blog article might help them shoot faster than I do!

I’ve used Bluetooth headphones at the range before to tune out noisy neighbors, but I didn’t notice the speed of the music.

Have you used music to help you train?

Absolutely. I commented in that thread that I have a playlist, if I get to the range early enough I often have it to myself and as a member I can use it before it officially opens. So I will work on strong hand, off hand, dominant two hand and off dominant, and magazine changes. All I will be working on is putting as much lead as I can down range as fast and as accurately as possible. I will put in one of my wireless ear buds in one ear under my hearing protection and leave the other ear to listen to anyone coming in or RSO instruction.

Yes. But I’m using the music to challenge myself playing hard rock or heavy metal to create distraction, chaos and stress.
Nice, quiet music doesn’t change anything in my skills, accuracy or speed.
I’ve dry-fired one time with Christmas carols (to imitate Christmas shopping)… and I found it weird… looks this Holiday doesn’t work well with shooting… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The Mantis products include rhythmic timing drills to 1 - relax the mind and smooth the trigger pull in a timed event to help you understand you have a lot of time in a span of seconds and you can come to know you’re not always behind the eight ball needing to pull fast at the cost of accuracy, and 2 - once you see you do have time, you can start to send rounds down range rhythmically faster without sacrificing accuracy. Top shooters can accurately fire one round every quarter second, and some as fast as one each sub tenth of a seconds interval.

Why not use a favored or planned musical beat in substitute of a metronome? You just need to choose with your goals in mind, not every piece of music will guide you there.

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I hope I don’t derail the topic, but all I can think about when the subject of training to music is this… Christmas Songs on Steel with Black Rifle Coffee Company - YouTube

Also, seasonally appropriate.


My personal favorite. This includes the video, but I normally just hum the tune in my head to relax my aim…

Thank you thank you TY! the b roll was great too!

LoL, yeah I love that video. Careful or you’ll put your eye out.

Watch the movie “Iron Eagle” (the original not one of the sequels) and then tell me music cannot have an effect on the shooter.


I went to the range today, recently got a new set of Bose wireless ear pieces, put them on under my noise cancelling headphones.

I noticed a marked difference in speed and accuracy. My best target of the day from draw was 14 rounds 7.8 seconds, last round was an aimed headshot. Was using Glock 41 with a light attached. So that slowed my draw as this was first time using that gun and holster for speed.

Song playing “Toxicity” by System of a Down.

Was down to last 7 rounds and had been practicing double to the chest one to the head.

Funnily enough

“Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin.

I absolutely have a “shooting range” playlist. Everything is better with music!

For anyone trying music under their earpro for the first time, just be careful that you can still hear the RSO. Don’t be embarrassed to do an audio check. Your safety will appreciate it.