Weekend Drill: El Presidente Drill

Beth Alcazar mentioned the El Presidente Drill in her blog this week. If you’re like me, you have seen and done a lot of drills, so a new drill is always welcome!

Kevin explains how to do the El Presidente in an older Into the Fray:

What did you get out of running the El Presidente drill?


That you’ve got to slow down on that third shot if you want to get it inside the “triangle”…AND I’m thinking a headshot, even outside of the triangle will be “turning off the lights” to use Kevin’s vernacular so don’t slow down too much.


It’s not ideal, but even in a booth at the range, you can at least make conscious small movements that help with your critical thinking. Even using snap caps to force reloads or malfunction drills help with this.
It is difficult for many of us to get find a range where yo have the freedom to make a lot of movement. But when you have the opportunity, grab it.