Training time difficult to find: What drills do you do at home?

As a parent finding time to train can be really difficult with 3 kids and after school activities what are some of your favorite drills to do at home?

Laser cartridge + laser target give great indoor range simulation.
You can do:

  • single shot accuracy
  • multiple shot accuracy
  • shot from the holster
  • reloads (between the shots)
  • movement between the shots

My favorite home drill - draw, present, aim, close eyes then shoot.

All of these drills probably have their names… but who remembers them :wink:
What I’m doing is to imagine the threat and try to react. Once I’m satisfied with result I’m trying to repeat it until perfection.


I normally walk my house as if I’m clearing each room dry firing at my light switches and outlets


That’s good drill.
I’ve started with the same… but then I’ve realized I needed a feedback and laser seemed to be a perfect solution (sound after good hit)


I need to get a laser set up

Check this thread:

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I’ll definitely check it out thanks

This isn’t a drill, it’s a tool that will help you perform your drills with more skill and improvement than you might get just ‘winging it.’ Oh, not saying nothing against the laser tool at all, I plan to play with those as well.

Exceptionally functional with dry fire and will work when you have an opportunity to go to the range and live fire. There are any number of drills one can do beyond those covered in the Mantis X software. RE Factor has a booklet and a card game that can give you ideas or plan of training. There are others!

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I try to make it to the range at least once or twice a month so I have the live fire in mind when I train at home but I’ll definitely look into the mantisx

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@Joe616 I’m with you! There’s nothing like getting out and feeling the bang. Maybe not so much the rifles on either side but that’s sometimes the job!

I think you’ll be pleased with the Mantis X and live fire. They have an FBI qualification course of fire programmed in the software that you can do only during live fire. And like many companies, they intend to improve and add goodies to the system as more people put the equipment to work.



Awesome thanks I really need step my training up because I’ve been planning on taking the ltc instructor course from the uscca and need to make sure I am ready


Just a heads up, we recently pulled the FBI Qualification course as we were finding the experience was not as refined as we are striving to achieve. We intend to re-introduce that course, but right now we do not have a specific time frame available.

@Joe616, the overwhelming response from customers I talk to report their shooting improves with the Mantis system. Some really value the historical data that builds as they use the system over time. Others appreciate the visual representation given.

We’re also looking to add content that will help provide structure to those users who may not have something they are using already. Unknown time frame at this point, but its worth keeping an eye out for that.


Thanks I’ll make sure to check in with you guys when I’m closer to buying a system

Jerzy, those are good drills but the one with your eyes closed, I haven’t tried yet. Thanks… There is a lot of drills you can do with a laser bullet. I picked up some from USCCA, Like the line drill on Tactical Tuesday. Kevin just did one by turning your body then draw. He also did one on a quick draw, to point and shoot not looking at your front sight going by muscle memory and YouTube, shooting laying on your back rolling from side to side and drawing from my ankle holster. Practice with a flashlight and one handed strong side and weak side.


@Walter3 -> that’s exactly what you need to do :muscle: Practice unexpected, be prepared for surprises ! And be first to hit … that means 3 good shots in 1.5 second :wink:

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@Jerzy I like the Saran Wrap coffee can drill myself. My kids introduced me to “Air Soft” by handing me a full size 1911 spring gun that had good weight and crappy sights. Since I point shoot that is not an issue. They also acquired a “gas” gun that simulates recoil, again full weight, but lets you do double taps and such.

I tried a couple different ways to do things but landed on 3 layers of Saran Wrap (or what ever it identifies as) over a coffee can screwed to a piece of ply wood leaned up against the door of my garage.

Draw, Fire single shot into the middle can. If you have the option for follow up shots, send them.

The middle can is set up about 9" lower than my full extentsion point of aim which follows my training of letting the 1st round go while “pushing” the gun forward. Just how I roll.