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The past few months have been very interesting for firearms enthusiasts. The personal-defense market continues to grow as freedom rings across the country — despite threats to our rights. The year has been a very good one for 9mm fans in particular, as the most popular cartridge has received the lion’s share of attention. The following are highlights of the year’s introductions. Each of the firearms and gear listed are items I have personally tested and found worthy. I don’t go by adverting shots and blurbs; I get it right by hands-on evaluation.

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What’s your favorite piece of gear you picked up in 2019?

My Canik tp9sf. I love the ergonomics of the gun and the accuracy. The trigger is one of the best I’ve used.

I picked up a pair of Rock Island 1911s. Both were double stack A2s. Both had about 4.5 lbs. of trigger pull right out of the box, initial creep and reset were also good. I did add Hogue finger groove grips to both and an extended Slide Stop. The .45 has a full rail which adds a bit of weight to the front of the gun cancelling a lot of recoil/rise. But the real jewel is the 22TCM/9MM combo. 17 in the mag one in the pipe gives little reason to carry a second magazine. The 9mm and 22TCM print about an inch apart at seven yards and accuracy with either is excellent. Recoil of the 9mm compared to a .45 is maybe half or less and the 22TCM produces a large fireball and thunder but almost no recoil. The first time I fired it, I didn’t think the slide had fully cycled and racked a live round out. I’m not sure I will carry the 22TCM cartridge as a defensive gun but it should do well for hunting varmints or small game. This is one cool cartridge /gun combo. 22TCM Fireball 01 C

I added a Sig P365 to my everyday carry. I love this little gun. I can even shoot it quite accurately

This year I traded in two of my guns that was shooting a lot in for a Stag Arms AR-15 for lefties. And I also had to add front and rear sights on it. I also put a red dot sight on it as well. And to make it easier for me to hold I put a fore grip on it as well.

If I had only purchased 1 additional gun in the last year I would find it hard to show my face in public!

I think that I have become somewhat of a gun snob, I’m not talking about cost nor a well known brand, I’m talking about not being willing to purchase a gun from a manufacturer who is just starting out or even worse to build or buy a gun someone else built, there is a reason why good manufacturers employ the type of people they do, do the testing they do and have the manufacturing equipment which they make their products on, their stuff has been proven over a period of time, I will not become a test dummy for anyone!

Over the last 50 years I buy guns, I rarely ever sell or trade but will from time to time give a gun away. I have more guns than I will ever need but that is not the point, someone will come up with something new and if that something new will give me some advantage I will purchase.

In addition to purchasing weapons I reload and try to learn more about the sport of shooting which can also save lives, true use of a gun is more of a chess game but most who have a gun are busy playing checkers when they should be learning from people with credentials and training to make new skills mine so that the “thinking” part has already been done and when the time comes I will make the proper decision.

Make good decisions with your weapon, buying and using in the coming year and I wish all of you well!

Semper Fie

Thank you Bob for the Great review on these items, they are all good for those who may need them, I myself have bought years ago what is servicing well over the years, but it is good to see what new and how they work because you never know what may befall you and you just might have to pick up some new gun in defense of yourself or loved ones. So train with what you have but know about other gear for that just in case.